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Our Original Clipdraw - outfit your Classic Model 1911

Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry

Secure Concealment Without a Bulky Holster

No Printing - Slimmest Possible Carry Profile

2 Minute Simple Install - No Modifications

The Best 1911 'Holster' for Concealment

American Made

Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military and Licensed Citizens since 1995!



- Stop dressing 'around' your holster - wear the clothes you want while comfortably and securely carrying your concealed 1911.

- Clips to your waistband (with or without belt), boot, pocket, vest and more - with confidence.

- Clipdraw is always ready - grab and go for a quick trip out or wear confidently as part of your everyday carry.

- Great for warm weather - wear with your shorts and t-shirt.

- Not an either/or - Clipdraw will fit with your traditional style holster.  You will not need to remove your Clipdraw when carrying with other holsters.

1911 iwb carry

1911 holster



Right Side Mount Only (Left Side Mount - Use our Universal for Semi Autos)

Mounts under your Grip and is secured with your pre-existing screws

Does not interfere with ejection port or shell ejection

Does not touch the slide of your 1911

Compatible with Ambi-Safeties

Not Compatible with Laser Grips - (Use our Universal for Semi Autos)

Not Compatible with Sig P938, P238, Micro, Small or Baby '1911s'

Must be a true 1911 Frame

1911-B & 1911-S fit Full Size, Commander & Government Model 1911s (Any Brand)

OM-B & OM-S fits Compact, Defender & Officer's Model 1911s (Any Brand)

Confirm your 1911 Size

clipdraw installation


clipdraw on 1911 for conceal carry  

For use with Laser Grip Use UNIVERSAL CLIPDRAW

laser grip install  


Special Tempered Spring Steel Clip with High Quality Black Powder or Nickel Plated Coating.

Provides Flex and Memory for use over any sized belt - then returns to original retention point.  Finish prevents any scratching or abrasions to your pistol.

Each Clipdraw is made to the exact specs of your 1911.

clipdraw for model 1911


Add a custom engraving to your 1911 Clipdraw!

Perfect gift for family, friends or yourself

Names, Nicknames, Dates, 2nd Amendment, Military and Law Enforcement Messages - Anything that's important to you!

Quick Shipping - Engraving does not slow down your shipment timeframe



1. Remove grip screws and grip on the right hand side

2. Align screw holes on Clipdraw with pre-existing screws on  your 1911

3. Install Clipdraw on 1911

4. Replace grip and re-install using same factory screws


reattaching the grip

screw on installation

The best concealed carry 1911 belt clip on the market - get yours today.

11 reviews for Model 1911

  1. HenryAlvarez

    In love with acp 45

  2. Kyle merrell

    Awesome design but would love it if you made a left handed product as well for us leftys

    • clipdraw

      Hi Kyle – use our Universal Clipdraw for Semi-Autos to achieve left side mount on any 1911.

  3. Harrison

    Purchased one for my 1991A1 Commander. Great quality. Installation took less than 2 minutes. Looks great. Fitment is spot on. This is perfect for a small framed person such as myself. Now I can carry concealed without a holster

  4. Matt M.

    Bought this for my full size Taurus 1911. I have the rosewood and rubber Pachmayr grips, and the logo badge on the handle is attached with a small rivet that just so happen to stick out just enough to keep the clip from fitting completely. It was no fault of the clip, and was easily fixed drilling a hole in the clip just big enough for the rivet to fit. Great quality product, and I do wish there was a left-handed version, but otherwise I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to carry their 1911 with minimal printing.

  5. Dragon2Drag88

    Really love this clip. The simplicity of it makes it just what I need no frills or fancy stuff about it. Easily conceal a Full-size 1911.

  6. Johnny

    Do you make one for a rock island baby rock? I have one for my kimber ultra carry and it’s my fav

  7. rich

    got one for sig 238

  8. John J.

    Does exactly what it is meant to do. I waited for a couple of months before reviewing and find it to be comfortable, non-sliding and secure. Very low visible printing with this product. Less than the thinnest holster I have ever owned.

  9. Frank Stewart

    I actually purchased two of these in the stainless finish and the matte finish and had the both of them engraved. I like the versatility of the clipdraw but it must be worn with a belt. 1911’s are heavy and the weight of the gun will pull your pants down if you dont have on a good belt. Other than that if you dont mind the thumb safety digging into your side and your gun getting a little sweat on it in the Georgia summer heat. It also works along with a normal iwb holster and owb holster.

  10. Jim Robeson

    best thing I ever bought for a pistol .

  11. Ron Myers

    I purchased the clip and placed on my 1911 to allow me to carry with less printing while wearing casual clothing. The first day I realized this was what I was looking for when carrying my compact. It stays in place and is not noticeable even in light tee shirts walking around town. I’ve since bought 2 more for my full size 1911’s and carry when wearing dress jackets. Really like the product.

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