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Product Features

  • -Flexible Ambidextrous Pistol Charging Handle
  • -Relief for Weak, Tired or Painful Hands and Fingers.
  • -Quick and Confident One Finger Charging
  • Fits with Clipdraw & Virtually All Holsters
  • -Includes Preassembled CNC Machined Replacement Slide Cover Plate and Finger Loop
  • -Flexible finger loop will not dig into your body. Pliable Biothane material maintains it’s shape but is flexible for carrying and drawing.
  • -Overcome the difficulty of racking your slide.
  • -Simple drop in installation process. Easy to follow directions for a seamless installation without professional tools.
  • -Made in America. Assembled in Pennsylvania.


  1. James McNamara (verified owner)

    I havi have .medical issue with my strength. I was unable to pull the slide back with the hell cat. Using the charging handle, I have no problem pulling the slide back. The only issue I have is that releasing the slide is not smooth. Since my finger is in the loop and releasing the slide is slow. It may be that I have to work at releasing it quickly.

  2. Robin Ross (verified owner)

    It is wonderful to be able to have a device to draw my slide back on my Hellcat. I have arthritis and my fingers just don’t have the strength to pull the slide back when I need to unload my pistol. It was a little hard to install because the instructions are not that great but I got it installed any it’s holding up well.

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