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Engraving Information

We are proud to offer Engraved Clipdraws with our precision laser engraving machine.  We can accommodate any character length, however the more characters, the smaller the font will need to be.  Adding an engraving does not add any additional handling time to your order.  Engraved Clipdraws ship in the same prompt manner as our normal Clipdraw products.  All engravings are subject to our profanity policy.  All profanity will be censored with ****. Special requests such as specific fonts, pictures and more can be sent to [email protected]

Are Clipdraws for revolvers compatible with laser grips?

No. Clipdraw is not compatible with laser grips on revolvers.

Are Clipdraws for Model 1911's compatible with laser grips?

No. Clipdraw is not compatible with laser grips on Model 1911’s.

Why won’t S&W (J) frame revolver Clipdraw fit Taurus or Rossi revolvers?

The side plate screws on Smith & Wesson revolvers have unique thread patterns. The screws provided to attach the #JF are only compatible with S&W revolvers. However Universal Clipdraw #RV works well on any revolver including Taurus and Rossi.

Which Clipdraws can be mounted on either side?

#GS, #GL #G43 and #G42 for Glocks, #SHLD for M&P Shield, #XDS for Springfield XDS and the Universal #SA for semi-autos. All other Clipdraws mount on the right side only.

Will the tape used to mount the Universal Clipdraws eventually come loose?

Absolutely not. 3M developed this VHB (very high bond) double coated tape for permanent attachments to metal or plastic. It is used extensively in the automotive, aircraft and construction industries. However if removal is required, the tape’s unique “stretch release” technology allows it to be peeled off easily with no residue.

Will the tape hold the Universal Clipdraw on a large frame handgun?

Absolutely! According to the 3M product specifications a 3″ × ¼″ strip of VHB tape will provide 20 lbs. of adhesion. Most of the work of holding the gun in place is done by the waistband and belt. The Clipdraw prevents the gun from sliding down. For this task just 2 or 3 lbs. of adhesion is all that’s required.

Which Clipdraws adjust for depth of carry?

Universal Clipdraws #SA and #RV adjust for depth of carry through positioning of the mounting plate. Attach the mounting plate further forward on the gun for higher carry and maximum accessibility or further back for lower carry and maximum concealment. Many customers (including Glock, 1911 and S&W revolver owners) prefer the Universal Clipdraws for this reason.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with any Clipdraw products for any reason, you can return them for a full refund (including S&H charges). Just drop the items in the mail with a note requesting a refund or exchange. Your refund or exchange will be processed the same day we receive it.

Round in the Chamber?

All of our Clipdraw Belt Clips are designed to NOT be carried with a round in the chamber.  Your gun should Not be in the Ready To Fire Condition.

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