Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Close-up of a firearm charging handle, model 3
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – universal revolver – black or silver
(5 customer reviews)


  • Flexible Ambidextrous Pistol Charging Handle
  • Relief for Weak, Tired or Painful Hands and Fingers.
  • Quick and Confident One Finger Charging
  • Fits with Clipdraw & Virtually All Holsters
  • Includes Preassembled CNC Machined Replacement Slide Cover Plate and Finger Loop
  • Flexible finger loop will not dig into your body. Pliable Biothane material maintains it’s shape but is flexible for carrying and drawing.
  • Overcome the difficulty of racking your slide.
  • Simple drop in installation process. Easy to follow directions for a seamless installation without professional tools.
  • Made in America. Assembled in Pennsylvania.


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(5 customer reviews)
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Joe noneya

Very nice addition to the tiny little 43x.

Jeff Herrera

I LOVE this product. I was a critic when I first came across this item, when shopping for a gun belt-clip. I thought, “who would need such a stupid thing?” Fast forward a few weeks later and karma hit; I ended up breaking my arm skateboarding. I broke the forearm bones in my dominant arm and wasn’t able to grip and charge back the slide on my G48. Talk about feeling defenseless. I had a broken arm and no way of loading my EDC. I ended up ordering a Charging Handle and having to install it my self with one hand (but that’s another story). It works great and allows me to charge back the slide using one finger with my injured hand. I wish I had ordered this item before when buying my gun clip and saved by self the extra chipping fee. Oh, well. I most likely going to leave the Charging Handle installed even after my arm recovers, because you never know. I definitely recommend this item.

Rating :

My Wife has severe arthritis in her fingers. This product has been a game changer for her ability to rack the slide. We have several caliber of Glocks pistols and now she’s able to use them all if the need were to arise.

William Scott
Rating :

When I first got my Glock 43x I bought a metal charging handle for $50.00. It worked well but stuck in my side while in my IWB holster. I saw this and thought I would give it a try. It is even better than I thought. Very comfortable with my gun holstered. I would recommend this for anyone who has been thinking about getting a charging handle for their gun.

Rating :

My wife has carpal tunnel to the point it requires surgery. This charging handle allows her to operate her handgun. It’s a literal life saver. The price is great and shipping is quick. Thanks for a great product.