About Us

Skyline Toolworks LLC brought Clipdraw to market in 1995 and has remained a family run business since inception. Recognizing a need for alternatives to the traditional holster, Clipdraw effectively and efficiently designed models to fit nearly every semi-auto and revolver on the market, both then and today.

Proudly made in the United States, Clipdraw has enjoyed a loyal customer base of law enforcement, military and licensed citizens who have helped sustain strong growth since 1995.

Clipdraw continues to evolve its product line, offering multiple concealed carry and firearms accessories.

Our Values

Strong family and business values provide the foundation on which Clipdraw was founded upon and continues to thrive.

The core values include giving back to the community, both local and nationwide. While many companies outsource work to other countries just to save a few pennies, Clipdraw does their part to keep jobs in the USA. Whether its having packaging done at locally based Baker Industries (a local non-profit work rehab for “vulnerable” adults) or donating to 2nd Amendment and Pro-Gun causes around the country.

Clipdraw holds their values beyond pinching pennies:

  • Support American Made
  • Support our 2nd Amendment gun rights
  • Support concealed carry

Shoot straight,

The Rugh Family