Extra Adhesive for Universal Clipdraw

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Product Features

  • -Package of 6 Prep Pads & 6 Adhesive Strips
  • -For those who already own a Universal Clipdraw and need more adhesive strips
  • -Does not include Clipdraw Parts, Only Adhesive and Prep Pads
Fits any Universal Clipdraw (Both Semi-Autos and Revolvers) For permanent attachments, only one strip of double sided tape is needed (the Universal Clipdraw comes with 6). However for those that remove and reinstall the Universal Clipdraw frequently, extra double sided tape strips are available. Each extra tape package includes 6 strips and 6 alcohol wipes.

6 reviews for Extra Adhesive for Universal Clipdraw

  1. willia c holton (verified owner)

    works great every time used.

  2. Michael DelRossi (verified owner)

    If any of you guys are in doubt about the strength of the tape that comes with the clip don’t be when the surface is clean properly it sticks and stays stuck believe me. All the clips are great products I’ve been buying them for years.

  3. Mark Shaffer

    I’m 5’7′ and needed a compact, concealable carry device. Clipdraw is perfect for me.

  4. KH (verified owner)

    I have been using this clipdraw product for several years. Holsters just don’t work for me, and this is perfect and I use it every single day for carrying concealed. In 4 years I have replaced the adhesive tape once. It holds! Last month I was unfortunately part of a active shooter situation at a public store and my pistol was right where I needed it when the time came. For me this is an ideal product that eliminates any bulk in carrying.

  5. A.T. STRONG

    I’ve had ClipDraws on 4 guns for over 5 years. I carry every day and the ClipDraw in my opinion, is the only way to carry.

  6. K9 Manners1st (verified owner)

    I’ve successfully used and frequently carried my firearms using clipdraw. I trust this product so much, I have been able to carry a Hi Point JCP (Yeah) with ease. Buy without fear

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