What Should You Look For in a Holster

Finding the right holster for your weapon can be as challenging as choosing your weapon was in the first place. Frequently, when you’re looking for a handgun, you have an idea of the features, caliber, size, and so forth that you want.

A holster seems like it should be simple once you have the gun itself. But the truth is that there are a host of variables to consider when choosing the means to carry your weapon with you. Will you be carrying concealed? Will you be primarily sitting or standing? Will you have a structured waistband or will you be wearing shorts or a dress? Will you have pockets? All of these, and more, go into considering your holster.

Of course, picking one that is specific to your weapon makes the choice easier. But what if you want something more versatile? Or a backup? This makes a universal holster more appealing.

What should you look for in a holster

Choosing a Universal Holster

Choosing a universal holster might sound like a simpler choice, but in truth, you’ll have as many considerations with this type of holster as you do with others. That’s because universal holsters shouldn’t be quite as interchangeable as the name implies.

Choose a Holster for Your Gun’s Size

When you chose your sidearm, part of the consideration was the size of the handgun. Perhaps you were looking for a compact or sub-compact for easy concealment. Or maybe your preference was for a full-size weapon.

When looking for a universal holster, something that is so general that it will fit any weapon also won’t hold your sidearm securely. For a holster that cradles your weapon, you’ll want one to fit the general size classification of your gun. Even a clip holster, frequently preferred because of its flexibility and low profile for concealed carry, are available in sizes to match your handgun. Due to their flexibility, however, a clip-style holster is more universal than a traditional style.

Choose a Holster that Matches your Magazine

Just like the size of your weapon is important to achieve an appropriate and secure fit, so is the size of your magazine. A single stack offers a slimmer magazine profile, whereas a double stack is heftier. Choosing the wrong holster size for your weapon could leave it loose while stowed or prevent it from sliding entirely into the holster. Both situations should be obvious safety concerns.

Choose a Holster Features for Safety

The size of your weapon and magazine will narrow down your choices for a universal holster. Beyond that, there are safety elements that you should analyze. For example, your holster should either protect your trigger guard or allow you to use a separate trigger sheath or block. If you are considering a cloth universal holster, test to see if you can feel the trigger and trigger guard through the fabric. Your holster must have a level of rigidity and protection around the trigger for your safety and for those around you.

This another reason why a clip-style holster is a better universal choice. In addition to clipping to whatever clothing you are wearing, without added bulk, a clip holster allows for a block or trigger sheath. This adds an additional layer of protection for your sidearm.

When choosing a holster, easy access and draw are only part of the equation. You should also consider how the weapon will fit and if it lives up to your standards of safety with your handgun. As a responsible gun owner, you should spend the same level of effort in considering the method of carrying your pistol or revolver as you did in choosing the weapon itself.

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