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Perfect for Warm Weather and Tighter Fitting Clothing - No Printing!

Great Gifts for Gun Lovers

When it comes to gun lovers, it might seem easy to find them the right gift for the holidays, but a quick web search shows that there are more choices for gun accessories out there than you can imagine. How do you know which one to pick? And how do you figure out which options […]

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Perfect for Warm Weather and Tighter Fitting Clothing - No Printing!

Glock Showdown: The Glock 43 vs the Glock 26

Despite being one of the few pistol companies without a deep history in gun making, the Glock brand is well-loved by many gun owners. If you’re thinking about adding a Glock to your collection or turning to a Glock to get started with your first weapon, you may be wondering what the differences in the […]

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Discreetly Carry your XDS without any added Bulk

Best Firearms for a Concealed Carry

You’ve decided that you’d like to carry a weapon concealed. You’re a responsible owner, you understand the safety and confidence needed, the simplest part should be choosing your firearm, right? Not necessarily. Choosing a weapon that is safe, comfortable, and is able to be concealed is as important as your decision to carry. While there […]

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Easily Secures to Waistband, Pocket, Boot, Vest, Bag and more!

What Should You Look For in a Holster

Finding the right holster for your weapon can be as challenging as choosing your weapon was in the first place. Frequently, when you’re looking for a handgun, you have an idea of the features, caliber, size, and so forth that you want.  A holster seems like it should be simple once you have the gun […]

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5 Best Guns for Home Defense

According to the Pew Research Center, protection is the most common reason given for gun ownership. More than 67% of gun owners identify it as a major reason for why they own a firearm, with men and women citing protection about equally. Certainly, self-defense when out of the house is part of that decision, but […]

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Clipdraw vs. a Traditional Holster

Traditional holsters have gone through a few changes over the years. New materials are available, different configurations for carry are possible. But many of the challenges experienced with traditional holsters are there no matter what kind you by. When compared, it’s easy to see why the Clipdraw holster comes out ahead in side by side […]

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All Hardware Included: Spring Steel Clip with Powder Coat Finish, Aluminum Back Plate, Screws, Washers, Allen Wrench

How to Install Clipdraw on Your Firearm

If you’re considering purchasing a Clipdraw holsterless concealed carry clip for your firearm, you may be wondering how difficult it is to install it. The truth is, no matter what you carry, it’s simple and quick to install Clipdraw.    The method of install, however, is different depending on the pistol you intend to attach […]

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Glock 42 .380 Clipdraw

Comparing Ruger & Glock Handguns

Selecting which firearm to purchase next – or first – can be a little dizzying. There is a wide variety of products to choose from, and even if you get it narrowed down to pistols, price, and caliber requirements, there is still an abundance of choice.   For instance, if you’re looking at the differences […]

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