What Are the Best Full Size 9mm Handguns for Beginners?

There has been a rise in first-time gun ownership, whether for self-defense or competition shooting on the range. Buying a gun for the first time can be an intimidating experience, and the many options can be overwhelming to new gun owners. It’s helpful to know the type of gun you want, what purpose you need it for, and how much you’d like to spend ahead of time.

Benefits of Full Size 9mm Handguns

Although it’s not the most powerful caliber, the 9mm is the most popular—it’s an affordable and effective round that offers the highest performance and bang for your buck. 

Thanks to the weight of the platform, a full-size 9mm is easy to grip and aim, and recoil will be easily controllable, making them an excellent gun for inexperienced shooters. It is often considered the gold standard, particularly for beginners, and with good reason. 

In addition to being relatively light on recoil, 9mm ammo is cheap and plentiful and more than powerful enough to stop a threat. These reasons combined make a full size 9mm handgun a popular choice for home defense and concealed carry. They are widely used, and 9mm rounds can be found at any gun store.

While more experienced gun owners may opt for .40 or .45 caliber guns, the 9mm has been used invariably for this purpose and is an excellent option for many users. The 9mm models of firearms are usually the most budget-friendly, making the purchase more accessible for a beginner. They also have a higher capacity magazine with fifteen plus rounds, making it suitable for practice and training purposes — you don’t have to reload constantly.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons let’s look at some of the full-size 9mm handguns on the market today.

Glock 17 Gen 5

Drawing, gripping, and firing a lighter gun can be a lot easier to control for a first-time gun. The Glock 17 is one of the most popular full-size 9mm handguns on the market today. Designed for professionals, the Glock 17 claims unsurpassed reliability, an above-average magazine capacity of 17 rounds, and lighter weight. It also has far fewer interchangeable parts. 

Drawing, gripping, and firing a lighter gun can be a lot easier to control for a first-time gun owner. The Glock 19 is a compact 9mm gun that offers the same benefits in an even smaller gun for those seeking an even more lightweight alternative. With the sheer popularity of Glock, you have easy accessibility to all the parts you need. Also, there’s a wide variety of customizable parts and accessories at your disposal, making it an excellent choice if you prefer a larger conceal carry weapon.

Sig Sauer P320

The Sig Sauer P320 is a lightweight polymer frame handgun that most shooters find a great first gun. It is easy to use, with a consistently smooth trigger pull and fast and accurate firing. This full-size semi-automatic gun provides reliable and robust firepower while being small enough to conceal, delivering the best of both worlds comfortably. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a variety of safety features that make it an excellent choice for concealed carry. It’s comfortable to hold, and its contoured grip prevents slippage even with sweaty hands.

This pistol is particularly modular and customizable, allowing you to build it in a way that makes sense for your purposes. So with the Sig Sauer P320, you can customize a gun that you can hold and shoot exactly the way you like it. Furthermore, its streamlined design allows it to be comfortably and easily concealed.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

The Smith & Wesson M&P, which stands for military and police, is a handgun built with a reinforced chassis, advanced ergonomics, left and right-handed controls, and high-quality safety features; this is an excellent gun for first-time owners. It is a light, easy-to-handle weapon that has proven a great option among concealed carry handguns.

Its striker-fired system offers a short trigger pull, providing a consistent response every time you fire. This system also prevents the gun from being fired accidentally or if dropped. The pistol is polymer-framed but reinforced with a stainless steel chassis to provide strength, durability, reduced recoil, and a light carry. This gun is made for the safety and protection of military and police officers and will more than deliver for a first-time gun user.

Heckler and Koch VP9

The Heckler and Koch is another well-designed striker-fired 9mm handgun that feels wonderful and handles easily, especially for beginner shooters. One great feature about this gun that makes it very attractive for first-time gun owners is a safety feature that makes it impossible to fire unless intended. It offers an additional mechanism in the trigger shoe that needs to be depressed, usually by the correct grip of the pistol, before the trigger can move back to its place. This feature creates a safe and easy-to-carry and fire handgun.

Its accuracy is another feature that makes it attractive to beginners, known to be one of the most precise firearms. 

The HK VP9 features an innovative gas distribution system that helps reduce recoil and muzzle rise. Its safety, accuracy, and beautiful design are great selling points for any gun user, but all the more attractive for a first-timer.

Clipdraw Gun Clips for Comfortable Concealed Carry

The Clipdraw is an alternative to traditional concealed carry holsters because it attaches directly to the pistol itself. It can be installed on Glocks, M&P, Smith & Wesson, and other traditional handguns and revolvers.

Our patented, Universal Clipdraw fits all pistols, regardless of make or manufacturer. The Clipdraw gun clip includes all parts and easily installs in minutes on either side — perfect for ambidextrous use.

Adjust your depth of carry! You choose deep concealment or maximum access. The comfortable, slim, and secure design replaces bulky and uncomfortable holsters, making it the most discrete way to carry. 


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