Shooting Range Safety Tips for Beginners

Gearing up for your very first trip to the shooting range, or just need a quick refresher on shooting range safety? Study this guide for all the information you need about how to stay safe and follow the rules when practicing your aim at the shooting range.

Look for Range Rules Posted On a Sign, or Ask For a Copy

Some of the tips that you’ll see in this article may already be posted as rules in the shooting range you plan to visit, but be sure to brush up on the specific rules of that facility before you load up your guns. There should be a large board or sign with the shooting range’s rules posted somewhere in the facility, or at the very list, printed copies of the rules for your review.

Always Keep Gun Pointed In Safe Direction

No matter how sure you are that a gun is unloaded, you should always be conscious about where you point it. If you feel the need to make a comment about something in between shots, don’t simply point the gun at the ground and turn around to banter with your buddies — when you are done firing at your target, or if you want to take a quick break, the gun should be carefully placed on the bench with the cylinder pointed down-range.

Keep the Gun Completely Unloaded Until You Are Ready to Use it

Do not preload all of the guns you plan to fire at the shooting range. If you plan on firing multiple guns, they should only be loaded right before firing. These may seem like tedious measures for a place you go to shoot guns, but it is in everyone’s best interest to avoid having more loaded weapons around than are currently in use. It’s important for everyone at a shooting range to be able to operate with the expectation — but not the assumption — that the only loaded weapons in the facility are the ones pointed safely down-range at non-living targets.

Keep Your Finger Off Trigger Until You Are Ready to Shoot

Again, even if you know the gun isn’t loaded, it should always be treated like it is. And when you know that it’s loaded, your finger should not touch the trigger unless you are pointing the gun at your target and fully prepared to blast a hole in it. If you are feeling unsure about anything, don’t let your finger linger on the trigger as you mull the situation over — ask for help, someone will be more than happy to offer assistance!

Shooting range safety tips for beginners

Ask For Help If You Are Unsure About Anything

There’s no shame in being a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere! Moreover, there are plenty of experienced gun owners who encounter issues when testing out models that they aren’t familiar with. By asking for help when you encounter issues you can’t solve, you’re not just making the safest choice for everyone — you might just make someone’s day! The folks working at shooting ranges are all about gun safety and education, and they love talking shop. But most importantly, they want to provide the safest, most rewarding experience possible to everyone at the range. And that includes beginners!

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