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More Access to your Firearm or Deeper Concealment - You Choose!

Concealed Carry Tips for Beginners

Whether you have already obtained a concealed carry permit and simply need a refresher or you’re conducting research to prepare for concealed carry class, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve broken down the basics for you in this guide containing important concealed carry beginner tips. Here is a list of concealed carry “do’s and […]

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What You Need to Know When Buying Your First Handgun

Gearing up to buy your first handgun, but unsure where to begin? This guide for beginners can provide the information you need to determine what kind of handgun you should go with. Read on for a better understanding of the range of options you have based on your needs! The Handgun’s Intended Purpose If you […]

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Glock 17 VS. Glock 19

Glock is, to some people, a household name. These solid guns are easy to maintain and so reliable that police departments have relied on them for years.  However, Glock is a brand, not a specific model. Glock has many models on offer, each a little different, though all built with the same precision and principles. […]

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Perfect for Warm Weather and Tighter Fitting Clothing - No Printing!

Glock Showdown: The Glock 43 vs the Glock 26

Despite being one of the few pistol companies without a deep history in gun making, the Glock brand is well-loved by many gun owners. If you’re thinking about adding a Glock to your collection or turning to a Glock to get started with your first weapon, you may be wondering what the differences in the […]

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Discreetly Carry your XDS without any added Bulk

Best Firearms for a Concealed Carry

You’ve decided that you’d like to carry a weapon concealed. You’re a responsible owner, you understand the safety and confidence needed, the simplest part should be choosing your firearm, right? Not necessarily. Choosing a weapon that is safe, comfortable, and is able to be concealed is as important as your decision to carry. While there […]

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glock with light

Clipdraw is the Perfect Solution If Your Pistol Has a Light

Have you outfitted your new favorite pistol with a new light or laser?   The biggest issue you’ll have is finding a holster that fits with your new accessory.  Front mounted laser and lights add great functions to your setup but unfortunately most holsters will not accommodate these accessories.  Sure, you can get a custom made holster, but […]

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Ruger pistol

History of the Ruger Pistol

Although primarily known for its long guns, the Ruger line of pistols extends back to the founding of the company. Officially the Strum, Ruger, & Co., Ruger was founded in 1949, which makes it somewhat of a newcomer to the American gun maker scene. Despite being founded by Alexander Strum and William Ruger on $50,000, […]

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Springfield Armory XD pistol

The History of the XD Pistol

The XD is a fairly recent edition when compared to some of its counterparts, such as the 1911 and the Ruger. Despite being a modern addition, the XD has an interesting and varied past. Based off of a Croatian pistol, the XD was adapted and has evolved to meet the needs of the U.S. market. […]

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