Summertime Concealed Carry

The dog days of summer are here.  Temperatures have soared consistently into the 90s and 100s across the United States.  With this heat comes more time at the beach or pool and people generally wearing less and lighter clothing than they would throughout the year.  This causes a huge issue for those of use concealed carrying our firearms on a daily basis. Want to wear your favorite holster with gym shorts and a t-shirt?  Think again.  Too much weight and bulk from the holster will weigh your shorts down and the lighter t-shirts will cause issues with printing of the firearm through your shirt.  A traditional holster with this outfit is asking for trouble.  Fortunately, our Clipdraw concealed carry clips can help you completely solve these issues while you comfortably and securely conceal carry your favorite firearm throughout the summer months.

Our American Made concealed carry clips add next to no weight to your weapon and zero girth to the actual carry position.

First – at less than a quarter of an ounce, our clips add no weight to your firearm.  Our customers all over the country, but particularly in year round warm climates like Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc, utilize the Clipdraw as part of their everyday carry.  The Clipdraw provides secure concealment whether wearing khaki or cargo shorts and a thick belt or a lightweight pair of gym shorts without a belt.  While you may not be able to carry your full size model 1911 in gym shorts, the small “pocket pistols” on the market today, in combination with the Clipdraw, can be easily and comfortably carried in gym shorts.  With the Clipdraw attached, simply slide the firearm inside your waistband while putting the clip over the edge (on the outside) of your waistband.  Tighten the draw string of your shorts to a comfortable and secure tightness and that’s it! You’re ready to conceal your pocket pistol with Clipdraw in your gym shorts.  Literally next to no weight has been added to your concealed carry set up.

Second – since the clip itself lays on the outside of your waistband you are adding zero girth to the inside the waistband portion of your carry.  Nothing goes inside your waistband except your actual pistol.  Without any extra bulk, you’ll find the slim profile allows you to conceal in clothes you never imagined before.  Shorts and an untucked t-shirt will allow you comfortably and discreetly conceal your firearm in the warm weather of summer.

Highly respected outlet Guns and Gear from NRA’s 1st Freedom reviewed several summertime concealed carry products on the market today.  We were extremely pleased to see Clipdraw in this review.  More info can be found here.

It’s always a tremendous honor to be reviewed or involved with a great organization like the NRA – especially when the review is spot on with many of the advantages that we’ve highlighted here.  In summation – if you’re looking for a concealed carry holster for summertime and haven’t had any luck with your bulky traditional style holsters – look no further than Clipdraw for your favorite firearm.  Systems available for any make or model sidearm – backed by lifetime warranty and full money back guarantee! Made in USA – The Original Clipdraw


Summertime concealed carry

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