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Product Features

  • Ruger LCP .380
  • Ruger LCP 2 .380
  • Ruger LC9 9MM
  • Ruger LC9S/Pro 9MM

Product Description:



Ruger LCP, LCP 2, LC9 & LC9S Belt Clip

Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry

Eliminates Bulk from Traditional Style Holsters

No Printing – Slimmest Possible Carry Profile

2 Minute Simple Install – No Modifications

American Made

Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military and Licensed Citizens since 1995!

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Stop dressing ‘around’ your holster – wear the clothes you want while comfortably and securely carrying your concealed Ruger LC Pistol.

Clips to your waistband (with or without belt), boot, pocket, vest and more – with confidence.

Clipdraw is always ready – grab and go for a quick trip out or wear confidently as part of your everyday carry.

Great for warm weather – wear with your shorts and t-shirt.

Not an either/or – Clipdraw will fit with your traditional style holster.  You will not need to remove your Clipdraw when carrying with other holsters.



Right Side Mount Only

For Left Side Mount (Use Universal Clipdraw for Semi Autos)

Compatible with front mounted lasers

Compatible with after market grips

LCP-B fits LCP .380 -  Does NOT fit LC .380

LCP2-B fits LCP 2 . 380

LC9-B fits LC9 9MM

LC9S-B fits LC9S & LC9S Pro 9MM

ModelCaliberModel #
Blackhawk Bisley45 Colt0407, 0470
Blackhawk Bisley44 Special5235, 5236, 5249
Blackhawk Blued357 Mag0306, 0316
Blackhawk Blued41 Rem Mag0405, 0406
Blackhawk Blued45 Colt0445, 0455, 0465
Blackhawk Blued30 Carb0505,
Blackhawk Convertible357 Mag0308, 0318, 0310, 0320, 5244, 5245, 5246, 5247
Blackhawk Convertible45 Colt0446, 0463, 0456, 0472, 0475, 5240, 5241, 5242, 5243
Blackhawk Convertible10mm Auto0474, 0476
Blackhawk Stainless357 Mag0309, 0319
Blackhawk Stainless45 Colt0460,
EC9s9mm Luger3283, 3285, 3286, 3287, 3288, 3290, 3291
GP100357 Mag1702, 1704, 1705, 1707, 1715, 1771, 1773, 1774, 1740, 1752, 1753, 1759, 1762, 1763, 1768, 1772, 1776, 1777, 1782
GP100327 Fed Mag1748, 1764, 1769
GP10044 Special1761, 1767, 1770
GP10010mm Auto1780
GP100 Match Champion357 Mag1754, 1755
GP100 Match Champion10mm Auto1775
LCP380 Auto3701, 3752, 3763, 3769, 3790, 3791, 3717, 3725, 3732, 3734, 3741, 3742, 3745, 3746, 3747, 3753, 3755, 3761, 3762, 3770
LCP II380 Auto3750, 3758, 3765, 3767, 3787, 3757, 3759, 3766, 3773, 3774, 3775, 3776, 3777, 3779, 3781, 3786, 3788, 3789, 3792
LCR38 SPL +P5401, 5409, 5427, 5428
LCR357 Mag5450
LCR327 Fed Mag5452
LCR9mm Luger5456
LCRx38 SPL +P5430, 5431
LCRx22WMR5437, 5439
LCRx357 Mag5444, 5460
LCRx327 Fed Mag5462
LCRx9mm Luger5464
LC9s9mm Luger3260, 3262, 3263, 3269
LC380380 Auto3253
Mark IV Competition22LR40112
Mark IV Hunter22LR40118, 40160, 40132
Mark IV Standard22LR40104, 40105, 40168
Mark IV Target22LR40101, 40103, 40126, 40159, 40163
Mark IV Tactical22LR40150
Mark IV 22/4522LR40107
Mark IV 22/45 Lite22LR43906, 43917, 43921, 43926, 43927, 43910, 43915, 43916, 43924
Mark IV 22/45 Tactical22LR40149
New Bearcat22LR0912, 0913, 0915, 0916, 0917, 0918, 0921, 0922
Redhawk44 Rem Mag5041, 5043, 5044, 5014, 5028, 5030, 5058
Redhawk45 Auto5050
Redhawk357 Mag5051, 5059, 5060
Redhawk41 Rem Mag5031
Security-99mm Luger3810, 3818, 3811, 3816, 3819, 3828, 3813, 3821, 3822, 3824, 3826, 3827
Single-Six Convertible22LR0621, 0622, 0623, 0624, 0625, 0626, 0627, 0629, 0676, 0678
Single-Seven327 Fed Mag8160, 8161, 8162, 8163, 8164, 8165
Single-Ten22LR8100, 8101, 8102
SP101357 Mag5718, 5719, 5720, 5771,15702, 5764, 5774, 5775, 5779
SP10138 SPL +P5737
SP101327 Fed Mag5773, 5784
SP1019mm Luger5783
SP101 Match Champion357 Mag5782, 5785
SR2222LR3600, 3604, 3607, 3620, 3633, 3637, 3606, 3611, 3613, 3622, 3624, 3625, 3629, 3630, 3635, 3641
SR191145 Auto6700, 6709, 6715, 6756,
Super Blackhawk44 Rem Mag0802, 0804, 0806, 0807, 0810, 0811, 0813, 0814, 0817, 0819
Super Blackhawk Bisley44 Rem Mag0818,
Super Blackhawk Bisley480 Ruger0870, 0872
Super Blackhawk Bisley454 Casull0871, 0873
Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter44 Rem Mag0862,
Super Blackhawk Hunter44 Rem Mag0860,
Super Blackhawk Hunter41 Rem Mag0863,
Super GP100357 Mag5065
Super Redhawk44 Rem Mag5501, 5502, 5520
Super Redhawk454 Casull5505, 5517
Super Redhawk480 Ruger5507
Super Redhawk10mm Auto5524, 5522
Super Redhawk41 Rem Mag5521
Super Rehawk Alaskan454 Casull5301
Super Rehawk Alaskan480 Ruger5302
Super Rehawk Alaskan44 Rem Mag5303
Vaquero Bisley45 Colt5129
Vaquero Bisley357 Mag5130
Vaquero Blued45 Colt5101, 5102, 5153, 5154
Vaquero Blued357 Mag5106, 5107, 5161
Vaquero Sass357 Mag5133
Vaquero Sass45 Colt5134
Vaquero Stainless45 Colt5104, 5105, 5120, 5141, 5144, 5151, 5157, 5158
Vaquero Stainless357 Mag5108, 5109, 5126, 5159, 5162
Vaquero Stainless44 Rem Mag10596, 10598
Vaquero Stainless45 Auto5152
Wrangler22LR2002, 2003, 2004



Special Tempered Spring Steel Clip with High Quality Black Oxide Finish

Provides Flex and Memory for use over any sized belt then returns to original retention point.  Finish prevents any scratching or abrasions to your pistol.

Custom Threaded Replacement Pin made from Machined Aluminum

Screw, Washer and Allen Wrench for installation of Clip to Threaded Pin

Long screw included for use with after market grip

Each Clipdraw is made to the exact specs of your pistol




Add a custom engraving to your Ruger LC Pistol Clipdraw!

Perfect gift for family, friends or yourself

Names, Nicknames, Dates, 2nd Amendment, Military and Law Enforcement Messages – Anything that’s important to you!

Quick Shipping – Engraving does not slow down your shipment timeframe



1. Remove rear frame pin using pin punch and mallet (if necessary)

2. From left to right – insert Clipdraw threaded pin

Note: For easiest install – do not remove factory pin completely.  Instead, begin removing the factory pin, then use the Clipdraw threaded pin to push the factory pin out of your gun. The Clipdraw pin will follow your factory pin through the gun. This insures 100% fit for Clipdraw pin installation.

3. Attach the clip to the right side with screw and allen wrench provided

Note: to provide firm attachment, the screw hole in the clip is slightly offset from the frame pin.  As you tighten down, the clip will securely set itself to the pistol.

4. Do not over-tighten!

Trigger Guard:

Kydex Trigger Guard made specifically to fit the Ruger Pistol

Provides trigger protection when your pistol is ‘holstered’

Guard removes itself when pistol is drawn – no extra steps for the shooter!

Does NOT fit with front mounted lasers

High Quality Kydex does not crack or break

LCPMH fits LCP .380

LCP2MH fits LCP 2 .380

LC9MH fits LC9 & LC9S

For Use:

Snap trigger guard onto pistol over your entire trigger housing area

Loop cord around your belt or belt loop

Once drawn from your concealed position, the cord will come to full length and kydex guard will remove itself from your pistol.

Pistol is ready for operation

18 reviews for Ruger LC Pistols

  1. Brad W

    Ruger P-95

  2. Lou D.

    Got one for my Ruger LCP. Easy to install, works great if you want deep carry waistband or pocket. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple solution to concealed carry.

  3. Layne Dietz

    Have used this before ,good product.

  4. Richard Harter

    I’ve been using Clipdraw everyday for over 10 now and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is secure, comfortable and extremely durable. First one was installed on a Ruger LCP and still resides there. LC9S Pro and it works very well. For deep concealment and, with appendix carry, ambidextrous draw this product can’t be beat. Have never had to replace the double sided tape in all of the years I’ve had them. This is an excellent product worthy of your consideration.

  5. MWW in Texas

    Installed on LCP380. Nice clip. Simple to install. Took about 3 minutes. Secure fit. Quick free delivery.

  6. Bob R

    Purchased for my Bodyguard 380. Have several IWB holsters. This is the best. Also,customer service superb. I broke a pin on my install and they sent me new parts, no problems.

  7. Scott

    Ordered a new clipdraw for my LCP II from Amazon and it arrived defective. I called Clipdraw in Pennsylvania the day before Thanksgiving and a gentleman answered on the second ring. He assured me another one would be sent out to replace it at no charge and a new one arrived the day after Thanksgiving. Fit perfectly. Well done Clipdraw and Thank You!

  8. Ray C.

    I had been searching for a smaller concealment system for my Taurus 25 cal, everything I had come across was too bulky. As a member of my church’s security team deceit concealment is critical. Purchased a Clip Draw and quickly attached it with the two-sided tape and the weapon is undetectable, even in a tailored suit. Purchased a second Clip Draw for my Ruger LCP 380 attached it with the supplied screw-in anchoring system, perfect and I mean perfect concealment without a bulky holster. I’ve been in law enforcement for close to 30 years and highly recommend Clip Draw for comfortable deceit concealment.

  9. john

    have on my lc9s. works great. 3 years and tape still holding strong. have one ordered for my lcp380.

  10. Brenda

    Bought clipdraw for my LCP II several months back. Perfect fit in waistband of business suit. When I wear dress I clip in bra. Just ordered one for husband’s S&W 9mm.

  11. JD Powell

    Greatest thing since shirt pockets

  12. Lew

    A ok

  13. Daniel allen

    Look good

  14. andrewferrell95

    I purchased this clip for my Ruger LC9s pro. I wanted to be able to carry when i would go walking or jogging. I Came across clipdraw and I gave it a shot. It works Very well! I could carry with athletic shorts and nobody would know! Truly better than any holster!

  15. Larente

    I purchased this for my ruger lcp 2. Fits great. I wear with sweats, everything, no complaints.

  16. James Bowman

    Another welcome addition to my beloved LCP II…

  17. BRAD J.

    Shipping was a little rough from covid. But i got it. Great product ec9. Love the option not to have to use a holster. Very well made product took 3 mins to install. Great construction. Fits comfortable in pocket or on side. I am a big guy and like there isnt a bunch of material to fit some where. 10 for 10 on product

  18. One shot woozy

    Most convenient pistol concealment I’ve ever handled.

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