Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
ITW holster in suit
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Side by side of pocket concealment
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 17, 19, 19x, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30s, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 45
Belt clip – universal revolver – black or silver
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Close up of back of gun with clip
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
(39 customer reviews)


  • Fits Glock 42 .380 Only
  • Replaces Bulky & Uncomfortable Holsters
  • Most Discreet Concealment Method
  • Ambidextrous – Mounts on Right or Left Side
  • Easy Installation – All Parts Included
  • Comfortable, Slim & Secure
  • Made in America
  • Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
  • Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military & Citizens since 1995

Original price was: $26.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Glock Concealed Carry Belt Clips
Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry
Eliminates Bulk from Traditional Style Holsters
No Printing – Slimmest Possible Carry Profile
2 Minute Install – No Modifications
Glock Trigger Safety Products Available
American Made
Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military and Licensed Citizens since 1995!
The Best Glock ‘Holster’ for Concealment

Stop dressing ‘around’ your holster – wear the clothes you want while comfortably and securely carrying your concealed Glock.

Clips to your waistband (with or without belt), boot, pocket, vest and more – with confidence.

Clipdraw is always ready – grab and go for a quick trip out or wear confidently as part of your everyday carry.

Great for warm weather – wear with your shorts and t-shirt.
Not an either/or – Clipdraw will fit with your traditional style holster.  You will not need to remove your Clipdraw when carrying with other holsters.

Compatible with front mounted or grip lasers
Clips are made specific to each Glock and are NOT interchangeable!
GS-B fits 9MM, .357, .40 & Slim .45 Glocks (17-19-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-30S-31-32-33-34-35-36)
GL-B fits 10MM & .45 (20-21-21SF-29-30-30SF-37-38-39-40)
GS & GL Clips are Longer

G42-B fits Glock 42 .380 Only
G43-B fits Glock 43 9MM Only
G42 & G43 Clips are Shorter

GS & GL Clipdraw Hardware
Glock 42 & Glock 43 Hardware

Special Tempered Spring Steel Clip with High Quality Powder Coat Finish
Provides Flex and Memory for use over any sized belt then returns to original retention point.  Finish prevents any scratching or abrasions on your Glock.
Replacement Slide Cover Plate made from Machine Aluminum with 2 Pre-Drilled Screw Holes.
4 Screws, 4 Washers (2 are required, 2 are extra) and Allen Wrench for installation of clip to replacement slide cover plate.
Each Clipdraw is made to the exact specs of your Glock and can not be interchanged.
GS & GL Clips are Longer for Standard Frame & Large Frame Glock Pistols
G42 & G43 Clips are Shorter for ‘Pocket Glocks’ Glock 42 & Glock 43 ONLY

Add a custom engraving to your Glock Clipdraw!
Perfect gift for family, friends or yourself
Names, Nicknames, Dates, 2nd Amendment, Military and Law Enforcement Messages – Anything that’s important to you!
Quick Shipping – Engraving does not slow down your shipment timeframe

Separate slide from the frame
Remove the barrel assembly
Using a pin punch or screwdriver – press down on black spacer located in the slide of your gun and press towards the muzzle.
With your other hand – carefully remove the slide cover plate.  Be Careful! Components are spring loaded.
Install Clipdraw replacement slide cover plate by pressing on black plastic insert at back end of slide while simultaneously inserting slide cover plate into position.
Mount the clip on either side using screws, washers and allen wrench provided.

Kydex Trigger Guard made specifically to fit your Glock.
Provides trigger protection when your pistol is ‘holstered’
Guard removes itself when pistol is drawn – no extra steps for the shooter!
Does NOT fit with front mounted lasers.
High Quality Kydex does not crack or break
Set the cord length to your appropriate draw.

GMH fits All Glock Models Except G42 & G43
G4243MH fits Glock 42 & Glock 43 Only

Snap trigger guard onto pistol over your entire trigger housing area
Loop cord around your belt or belt loop
Once drawn from concealed position, the cord will come to full length and kydex guard will remove itself from your pistol.
Pistol is ready for operation.

Provides Trigger Protection when your Glock is ‘holstered’
Ejects easily with trigger finger – adds zero time to your draw
Right Hand Saf-T-Blok for Right Handed Shooters
Left Hand Saf-T-Blok for Left Handed Shooters
Plastic insert with tension key snaps into place securely and firmly
Rugged Carbon filled Polymer textured to match the Glock
Use the tension key and included allen wrench to set the Saf-T-Blok to proper tension for your Glock and personal preference.
Insert Saf-T-Blok behind the trigger in the trigger guard area.
Once drawn – eject Saf-T-Blok using your trigger finger.
Glock is ready for Operation.

If you are looking for the best concealed carry holsters for Glocks, you’ll want to try the Clipdraw. Trusted by many satisfied customers.

Looking for some of our other pistol products? We also offer Clipdraw models for Ruger LCP, Springfield XDS, M&P Shield, j-frame revolvers and more!

Feel free to check out our other pistol options and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to use using the contact form on the site! We have installation guides for all products to help you install the product.

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(39 customer reviews)
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Great price, great product, easy to install and it shipped fast.


I love this Clipdraw on my Glock 42. I wish I had this when I first got the gun. I can conceal the gun so easily and its comfortable. Money well spent.

Clay N

Super easy to install and the fit and finish are great. My G42 sits a little deep inside my waistband with this clip on it. I wish the clip made it ride just a little higher so it was easier to grasp the pistol grip.


Fantastic product. Makes carrying so much easier. Reasonably priced way to help stay armed and safe. Pass the word, these guys don’t get enough advertising.


Outstanding product & customer service!


This is a great product and absolutely loving it. Glock 42 is my main carry. With clip draw it’s practically invisible. I have stored all other holsters. It even works great in my Western boots. Must own product. Thanks Clip Draw.

Christopher Thomas

Easy to clip on and go… clipdraw has made my G42 my go to ccw for daily use

Joseph Flores

Great product. Better than any holster I’ve tried.

Jay Johnson

This is my fourth clip draw produce that I am obviously satisfied with the quality.

Tracy Langston

Great quality belt clip and quick delivery. I highly recommend this product. I also love the engraving option. Thanks Clipdraw!!


Very happy so far! I agree with the other comment about it sitting too deep in the waistband, making it difficult to “dig out“ if need be.
On the flipside of that however, by sitting deep in the waistband, it allows for you not to have to worry about wearing an untucked shirt to conceal it.

Glenn M

Handy dandy little clip. Retains the weapon quite well. It works as advertised and intended. Very well made product!


I love clipdraw. Also have one on a s&w bodyguard. Great product as a heavier man the deep helps conceal easier for me. Ordering from clipdraw with the engraved clip is so cool. Great company. Thanks to them!!

Austin Faubion

Amazing clip with easy install for anyone to do! Literally 2 minutes of time to ditch a bulky holster!! I had a slight order mishap and the company took care of it immediately with above and beyond customer service!! Thank you guys for a great affordable clip!!

Phillp M

Out performs any other holster for concealment,in preference for any carry position, period.
I have just ordered my second one for my G -22.

JD Dirks

Love it. I have an unusual carry, glock 22. When needed, I can tuck the button under my belt and the full size glock doesn’t print. Nice.


Looks like it will be a great side clip.

Lee Normand

Love it have one on my 17glock


This is my second purchase for the Glock 43.. I’ve tried several of in the waistband holsters they all seem to be to noticeable as well as unconfortable . As an undercover detective this is the only option for our unit of course the easy to use trigger guard accompanies the concealment . Could not be more pleased with this product. Awesome job clipdraw ! For our unit this is the only option thanks again .


Perfect fit for my G-26. You won’t be disappointed…buy now

Chapelle Dubose

The best thing around.

James garcia
Gary Shepherd

Very cool

Patrick Soule

(Please read the review to understand the 3 Star rating.)

Re: Order #36383
Glock Saf-T-Blok → GS SAF-T-BLOK RIGHT Combo (GS-B Clipdraw + SAF-T-BLOK Right Hand)

After two months of 14 – 16 hours a day, seven days a week use, I have the following to report.

The safety block was easy to adjust for my Glock 26. It works as intended. Thank you for that. The Safety Block, 5 Stars

The clip for the Glock 26, not so much. It was easy to install using the provided instructions. Thank you for that. Installation, 5 Stars

I wear the Glock 26 IWB The clip is not sufficient to keep the pistol in place the whole day. My spare tire is wider by a few inches than my belt is. The clip spring is not tight enough to hold the pistol in place and on multiple occasions each day, I have had to push it back down as it was creeping up from inside the pants. I changed locations on my waist, belt thickness and belt material type to no avail. I do not have to tell you the problem with the weapon creeping out. Weapon Creep 2 Stars.

The screws used to secure the clip started rusting quickly. Screws Rusting 2 Stars.

I have since removed the clip but retained the back plate with the screws in it. I think the idea of the clip is tremendous, but you need to make the spring grip significantly tighter if you expect your larger customers to be able to keep their weapon secure. I have returned to my Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 holster for my Glock 26 daily carry.

Patrick J Soule

John Moak

Very highly recommended


I received my clip draw the other day I love it it is the best holster I ever had going to order one for some family members

Cody Taylor

Just got a clipdraw for my Glock 19, I had it out of the package and on the gun in less than 5 minutes, easiest installment I’ve ever made to a firearm. It feels great and conceals nicely since there’s no bulky holster, but I noticed that it will even fit with my IWB holster as well. This is great, lets me be versatile in my carry options. Well worth the fair price. Clipdraw even gave me a coupon for a future purchase. Awesome! Just earned a loyal customer.


Love it


I’ve had the clip draw on my glock 27 for about 3 Years now. Since putting it on I haven’t used a conventional holster, and I carry everyday. This is a must have for concealed carry.

Col. J.W.Martin (ret.)

I’ve had one on my G19 for many years. Best concealment ever. A leather or Kydex holster still adds 1/2″-1″ of width. Glocks are impervious to water and sweat, so its a perfect match. Highly recommend.

Jim holloway

Looks like good quality!


Best product out there for edcc. I have several for glocks, springfields and kahrs

Jon G.

I have one for my Glock 26 and it works like a dream. Fits very comfortably and has an easy draw. Its very easy to install and I will be buying one for all my CC guns. I would highly recommend this product and have already referred others. Thanks for a great product!

Thomas Fraguada

Best clip I ever own!!! beats any holsters!!!!!

Sean L. Rivera

A fantastic way to carry can’t recommend it enough. I’m a very skinny dude and cannot get any ccw system to fit me properly, This on the other hand is perfect doesn’t add any extra bulk, it’s streamline, concealable and comfortable I walk around with this in a 4 O’clock position with the kydex trigger guard and Never feel it. Believe me if you are having second thoughts because of safety concerns purchase the trigger guard combo as I did.

Rob H

Got the clip for my Glock 43 and I just ordered today for my Glock 19 absolutely fantastic!! With this clip you can’t even see that you’re carrying a wonderful not to have a bulky holster and trying to hide it.

Charles Lowther

I purchased the Clip Draw for my Glock 43X, S&W M&P 9 Shield and my wife’s Ruger LCP. I love each of them. Like someone else stated, it is the best device to come along in years. i just could not find a holster that I liked. I now have lots unused holsters. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for a simple and easy solution to conceal carry. I just wish you made the custom ones for other weapons such as Spring Field, etc.


Back in the day we would bend a wire hanger into an S and tape one end to have the barrel sit in.
This clip is awesome. On all my glocks
Great job! Highly recommended.

David N

I’ve had this installed on my Glock 30SF for over four years now. I absolutely love it. I had a hard time finding an IWB holster that was comfortable and didn’t print. I tried four or five different brands and just couldn’t find one I liked and because of this I found myself not carrying more and more often. With the clipdraw I find my 30SF very comfortable and I now carry all the time. There have even been times I have been out on the jobsite and jumped in to the help the guys digging, lifting, climbing ladders, passing up equipment – basically daily life stuff and have completely forgotten I had my pistol on my side. If ever the position of my pistol is uncomfortable the clipdraw makes it quick, easy, and not obvious to adjust my pistol into a more comfortable position. I have shown and recommended the clipdraw to several of my friends and family and they all love it. I will be ordering more for my other Glocks as well.