How to Clear a Loaded Handgun Chamber

Did you know that taking the loaded magazine out of a handgun does not necessarily mean that the gun is unloaded? If the handgun has already been

How to Safely Check a Handgun Chamber for Rounds

The first thing you should do before checking the chamber of a handgun is to remove the

How to clear a loaded handgun chamber

magazine. This is because you must pull the slide back in order to verify that the chamber is indeed empty, and you want to avoid inadvertently chambering a round. Once the magazine has been removed, you still want to be sure that your trigger finger is, well, nowhere near the trigger.

Pull the slide back and lock it all the way to the rear of the gun and, with the gun pointed in a safe direction, perform a visual and physical inspection of the chamber to verify that it is empty. You should also verify that there is nothing in the hole where ammunition is fed to the chamber from the magazine, in order to be one hundred percent sure that the gun is clear of rounds. If you notice that there is a round in the chamber still upon inspection, there are safe methods of removal.

Clearing a Loaded Round From the Chamber

Clearing a loaded round from the chamber of a handgun is pretty simple, but you should still be cautious while doing it. All you need to do is pull the slide or action back, and any rounds in the chamber should pop out. Be sure that the magazine is removed from the gun when doing this, as you will only be loading up another round if you pull the slide back with a full magazine.

Once the loaded round has been cleared from the chamber, you should still perform multiple visual and physical inspections of the chamber, as we described earlier, to verify for certain that the weapon is unloaded and ready for storage, repairs, or whatever it is you plan to do with it while it is not being used.

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