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The modern day concealed carry has many choices for accessories when it comes to their perfect everyday carry set up.  From your traditional leather and kydex holsters to products like our Clipdraw, there seems to be an endless list of options.

Choosing the right accessory is very important when deciding to carry a defense pistol with you on a daily basis.  Every concealed carry has different needs and wants when it comes to carrying their pistol.

What works for an urban carry may not be well suited for a farmer or rural carry, just like an undercover detective will have different requirements than a licensed citizen or military member.  Thankfully the Clipdraw meets the needs of concealed carriers across all platforms.

The large majority of us would consider ourselves urban carry concealers.  Whether you live in the heart of a city or a surrounding suburb, the modern day person often is surrounded by people throughout the day, thus considered an urban carry. In the urban carry environment concealed carriers not only need their holster to function but also require extensive concealment.

We’ve all been in a situation at the local grocery store, office or somewhere with an anti-gun person present, and it is imperative to keep the gun hidden from these people at all times.

While it is our constitutional right to protect ourselves and loved ones by carrying, not everyone agrees with our personal decision and reacts differently.  The Clipdraw provides the secure attachment plus hidden concealment in any situation to prevent the anti-gunner from knowing that you’re observing your second amendment right.

Concealed means concealed, and in an urban carry environment its imperative that your sidearm stays right where you want and need it to be.  By utilizing our Clipdraw on your favorite carry pistol you’ll have the confidence that your pistol will be secured and ready to use if necessary, while still recognizing the urban carry situation that you do not want to expose your pistol to those surrounding you, no matter what the environment.

Some of us have the luxury of more space and surrounding people who may be carrying themselves.  While concealed still means concealed, you may not be as worried if a stranger views your pistol inside your waistband.  While always important, in these rural environments, concealment is less of a factor and basic functionality of the Clipdraw becomes more important.  Day to day tasks are much different than sitting in an office building.

These situations are another time when the Clipdraw really shines.  Just note this testimonial from a gun shop owner and rancher in Utah:

“I received my first order from you guys last Thursday, and right away I put one on a S&W Shield. I carried it all day everyday since Thursday, doing chores in the barn, working on the tractor, riding 4wheeler in the mountains, doing yard work, even cutting fallen trees and loading wood from the wind storm we had last weekend.

I couldn’t even tell it was there and with all the activity it never moved. I have to say I am very impressed with the Clipdraw and happy to be working with you guys. The Clipdraw as far as I am concerned is the best way to carry.”

The bottomline is no matter your lifestyle and environment its important to have a holster that addresses all your needs, whether rural or urban carry!

Please check out all of our products here at and reach out with any questions!

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