Trigger sheath – xds & xds mod 2 – 9/40/45
Trigger sheath – xds & xds mod 2 – 9/40/45
Trigger sheath – xds & xds mod 2 – 9/40/45
Trigger sheath – xds & xds mod 2 – 9/40/45
Trigger sheath – xds & xds mod 2 – 9/40/45
gun trigger safety
(8 customer reviews)


  • Fits Sig Sauer P365, 365X, 365XL, 365 SAS
  • Does NOT Fit X Macro
  • Simple & Safe Trigger Protection to Prevent Accidental Discharge
  • Snap on Trigger Sheath over Trigger Area
  • Loop Paracord around Belt, Belt Loop or any Secure Object
  • When you Draw your Weapon, Paracord comes to Full Length
  • Sheath Removes Itself and Pistol is Ready to Fire


  • Kydex Trigger Guard made specifically to fit your Sig 365 Pistol
  • Provides trigger protection when your pistol is ‘holstered’
  • Guard removes itself when pistol is drawn – no extra steps for the shooter!
  • Does NOT fit with front mounted lasers.
  • High Quality Kydex does not crack or break
  • Set the cord length to your appropriate draw.

  • Snap trigger guard onto pistol over your entire trigger housing area
  • Loop cord around your belt or belt loop
  • Once drawn from concealed position, the cord will come to full length and kydex guard will remove itself from your pistol.
  • Pistol is ready for operation.

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(8 customer reviews)
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Perfect solution for safe carry. Highly recommended.

Craig J Schaefer

My experience with the Trigger Sheath is, as expected, exceptional. It provides security from accidental discharge by covering the trigger and preventing accidental placement of the finger inside the trigger guard before it is needed. It does not hamper the speed of the draw or getting the pistol on target. it also provides an extra bit of security with regards to maintaining the pistol inside the waist band (particularly if someone tries to grab your pistol during an altercation). As is my experience with the Clip, the device is superb in design and function. The price is low, and the service from Clipdraw is spectacular. I carry everyday using these two devices with complete confidence in their ability to conceal my pistol and their functionality.


The trigger sheath works as stated. It was a little too tight for my taste so I used a hair dryer to loosen it up just a tad. This is for a p365 with a Lima laser. I would recommend this for anyone wanting minimalist, deep concealment.


Trigger sheath is well made, fits tightly to trigger guard area and protects accidental discharge by having trigger exposed. Works great.


Trigger guard works great, fits several of my handguns.


Don’t really care for it it sticks on the gun to much for me I think it would Hinder being able for a quick draw situation but is safer for carrying with one in the chamber

Matthew Moran

It is perfect for what I wanted. It is very secure on my p365.

Bill V

This is the coolest thing ever. Simple and completely safe. Highly recommend.