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Product Features

  • -Patented Universal – Fits All Pistols.  All Makes & Manufacturers.
  • -Ambidextrous – Mounts on Right or Left Side
  • -Mounting Space Required: 3″ x 1/4″
  • -Adjust your Depth of Carry! You Choose Deep Concealment or Maximum Access
  • -Guaranteed to Hold. 3M Patented Adhesive Rated up to 30 lbs.
  • -Secures to all Surfaces, Materials and Directly on Top of Serrations
  • -Replaces Bulky & Uncomfortable Holsters
  • -Most Discreet Concealment Method
  • -Easy Installation – All Parts Included
  • -Simple Removal if Necessary
  • -Comfortable, Slim & Secure
  • -Made in America
  • -Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
  • -Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military & Citizens since 1995

Product Description:

- Minimalist Concealed Carry Belt Clips for Semi-Autos

- Guaranteed to Mount on ANY Make or Model Pistol

- Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry

- Eliminates Bulk from Traditional Style Holsters

- No Printing – Slimmest Possible Carry Profile

- 2 Minute Install – No Modifications American Made Trusted by Law Enforcement,

- Military and Licensed Citizens since 1995!

- The Best Pistol ‘Holster’ for Concealment


GUARANTEED to securely mount to your pistol


- Requires only 3" x 1/4" of mounting space

- Versatile and customizable for everyone's body type and carry style!

- Adjustable for your personal height/depth of carry

  • Mount Forward for Higher Carry & Maximum Access

  • Mount Further Back for Deeper Carry & Maximum Concealment

- Mounts to either side

- Secures to Slide or Frame - Steel, Aluminum or Polymer surfaces

- Achieve secure hold when placing directly over top of serrations, ridges, etc

- Fits small or large frame pistols

- Stop dressing ‘around’ your holster – wear the clothes you want while comfortably and securely carrying your concealed pistol.

- Clips to your waistband (with or without belt), boot, pocket, vest and more – with confidence.

- Clipdraw is always ready – grab and go for a quick trip out or wear confidently as part of your everyday carry.

- Great for warm weather – wear with your shorts and t-shirt.

- Not an either/or – Clipdraw will fit with your traditional style holster.  You will not need to remove your Clipdraw when carrying with other holsters.


Specs/How it Works:


Requires only 3" x 1/4" of mounting space on your pistol

Mounts using a 3M Corporation VHB (Very High Bond) #4941 Double Coated Aircraft Adhesive

This heavy duty 3M VHB is used in the automotive and aviation industries to replace screws and rivets in car doors and airplane wings

VHB strips are specifically cut to Clipdraw's dimensions

Secure mount is achieved even when placed directly over top of any serrations (such as ridges on the slide of your gun), engravings, text, textured, smooth or special surfaces on your pistol

Once installed, Clipdraw provides a permanent hold - you may clean your gun while the Clipdraw is attached. It is not affected by chemicals, oils, heat, etc.

For Removal - use a flat blade to ' break the bond' of the VHB.  It will peel off like a rubber band with Zero cleanup.  No gunk, junk, residue left behind. Its like it was never there.

6 Strips of VHB are included with each Clipdraw kit so the user can play around with the positioning of the Clipdraw.  The first time it is installed, it may not be the exact height you want.  Simply remove the Clipdraw and re-install to your optimal carry position.


SA-B & SA-S fit ANY pistol with adequate mounting space!

Compatible with all Ambi-Safeties and Laser Grips

3M's VHB Adhesive Strength Video



- Special Tempered Spring Steel Clip with High Quality Black Oxide or Nickel Plate Finish

- Provides Flex and Memory for use over any sized belt then returns to original retention point.  Finish prevents any scratching or abrasions to your pistol.

- Steel Mounting Plate with 2 Pre-Drilled Screw Holes

- 4 Screws (only 2 required, 2 are extra) and Allen Wrench for installation of clip to mounting plate

- 6 Alcohol Preparation Pads

- 6 Specifically Cut 3M VHB #4941 Double Coated Aircraft Adhesive Strips

Universal Clipdraw comes in one standard size only

  clipdraw on different sized pistols



- Add a custom engraving to your Glock Clipdraw!

- Perfect gift for family, friends or yourself

- Names, Nicknames, Dates, 2nd Amendment, Military and Law Enforcement Messages – Anything that’s important to you!

- Quick Shipping – Engraving does not slow down your shipment timeframe



1. Prepare area on pistol with alcohol pad. Also wipe steel mounting plate with alcohol pad.

2. Firmly apply the 3M VHB strip to your firearm.

3. Directly on top of the 3M VHB lay the steel mounting plate. This will secure the Clipdraw to your pistol.

4. Use two screws to attach the clip portion to the mounting plate portion.



1. Use a flat blade to get underneath the 3M VHB to 'break the bond'

2. It will peel back easily with no gunk, junk, residue or extra clean up necessary.

3. Each 3M VHB strip is one time use only.

Clipdraw is known for its quality products when it comes to concealable holsters  and gun belt accessories. As an industry leader we have consistently designed tools that help you go about your day while staying maintaining comfort and accessibility. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more videos that demonstrate how to install and carry your pistol with the product properly in place.


  1. Just Aguy (verified owner)

    My traditional, custom-fit IWB is fine, but is bulky. The Clipdraw intrigued me. I really wanted the clip that seats inside the grip for my 3″-barrel Kimber Ultra Covert .45, but wasn’t sure it’d work with existing Crimson Trace laser grips. Super-helpful customer service confirmed it ‘might, but probably wouldn’t.’ Reluctantly, I bought the tape-mounted Universal Belt Clip for semi autos (black). I couldn’t believe tape could be secure enough. Well, it is. It’s perfect. Installation was easy and quick. So simple. No complications. No bulk, just perfect utility. I highly, *highly recommend.

  2. Marcia Loffredo (verified owner)

    I LOVE it! I’ve tried several different types of “concealed carry” holsters, some were better than others as far as “printing” goes. But this clip is the BEST! No holster to print! I carry a Sig Sauer P365 and it’s perfect! I highly recommend this clip! Best thing invented yet for concealed carry!

  3. Anskar Birkeland (verified owner)

    I’ve used clipdraw on several of my guns and they all have worked flawlessly. I was skeptical about the universal ones with tape at first, but never had an issue.

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    Clip draw is on my several EDCs and really is the minimalist option available. Have used the universal with tape, and the custom fit and would recommend either.

  5. Robert A Jones (verified owner)

    Thank you for the opportunity to review BELT CLIP. I have 4 handguns,so 4 Belt Clips! These are so much h better
    Than holsters, which are expensive and bulky. I am a conceal carry guy a d these are perfect for me.Great price too!
    I even have one for my revolver.

  6. Vince (verified owner)

    Bought and using the universal with tape, works as advertised! Could not be happier.

  7. Jr Tapia (verified owner)

    Love it

  8. Pete Dion (verified owner)

    I had one of these for my Glock 26 and carried it in the small of my back. Worked very well. Switched my cc weapon to a Ruger LCP 2 and bought two so I could use either side since they were stick on. Wish they would make the clip as long as the bar since it has a tendency to slide up when carrying in the small of my back and that is partly due to the size of the LCP2. Other than that this is a great product for anyone who does not like the bulkiness of a holster.

  9. George (verified owner)

    Im 80 years old and Had a problem solved because of my mistake. Its the finest Co. I ever dealed with.

  10. Mike Written (verified owner)

    This takes the place of a bulky holster. If you don’t get ti position “just right” the first time, you can remove it and reposition it. If there’s one draw back, it’s the fact that it’s not a “tuckable” – meaning you can’t wear it inside your waistband and then tuck your shirt in to conceal your weapon. If you can get by with wearing your shirt untucked, I highly recommend this product.

  11. Les W (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. My Wather 22 leaves no bulge. Great product for a great price. Got one for my Sig 226 also haven’t tried it yet.

  12. Johnny Manglona (verified owner)

    High quality quick draw clip. Eliminate’s bulky holsters. I currently have clip draw on my MP9 proseries 9mm and Sig P365 9mm…
    Love it and highly recommended for any make and models…

  13. Earle T Bumpous (verified owner)

    The Clipdraw fits (barely but cleanly) on my SIG P365 which is a tiny gun and it is very secure, strong and convenient for pocket carry with a trigger guard. No complaints.

  14. Bob Tompson (verified owner)

    Have 2 clipdraws now….1 on my .22 Beretta Bobcat and 1 on my .45 Beretta Mini- Cougar….GREAT ITEM!
    Both weapons feel secure and aren’t bulky at all….no footprint….my friends have also ordered them.
    Thanks for a great product

  15. Christopher Levy (verified owner)

    Own 6 of these. They just work. I have never had a single issue with this product other than having to explain it to some people from time to time 🙂

  16. Carlos Castro (verified owner)

    Great bought 3 will definitely buy more as I purchase more guns love the ease and fit of the clip

  17. Jeremy fragueiro (verified owner)

    I’m gonna be honest I bought this as a last resort I just wish I would have came here 1st works perfect much better than my IWB holster as that I have I’m literally gonna buy one for every gun that I have

  18. Chris (verified owner)

    I love this thing!

  19. gary fossum (verified owner)

    excellent for the auto i have great job

  20. gary fossum (verified owner)

    great for the firearm i am using

  21. bobber (verified owner)

    didn’t like any holsters or waist bands for conceal carry. tried the clip draw and it works. hooks on my pants, comes out easy and fast, no extra bulk, just my SCCY on a clip!

  22. Lee Anderson (verified owner)

    Just bought a second one because the first one failed.

    No, no it didn’t. It succeeded hence the second purchase. Get the universal. Crazy strong adhesive. And I’d have to agree though it’s a little early to be “sure”, bond seems stronger after use. The engraving is worth it; adds a nice touch.

  23. Ceferino Ramirez (verified owner)

    Love my clip!

  24. joe heavey (verified owner)

    Easy install on my P365 and so far it is very comfortable. This product is just what I was looking for, no bulk and secure. Thanks for a great product made in the USA.

  25. Roy Reese (verified owner)

    R Reese
    My Clip draw has done exactly what I want it to do !
    I modified the back rail to the contour of my Taurus G2 . This prevents it from catching and allows it to cup ont my waist band easily. Thanks !

  26. RedHulj

    Works perfectly on my FiveseveN. I already had one for several years on my Glock SF30 and decided to try this option for small of the back carry option. Works excellent!

  27. Scott Wubben (verified owner)

    Bought the universal clip draw for my Kimber micro nine. Worked perfectly.

  28. Dien Cai Dau (verified owner)

    Between finding only bulky or soft, floppy chamois IWB holsters for my HiPoint C9 I had almost given up on carrying it concealed until I stumbled across the Clipdraw website. With my Universal Clipdraw I can carry my pistol IWB in a comfortable and convenient eleven o’clock position or four o’clock position with no printing. I would rank this six stars if it were possible.

  29. wjp8689 (verified owner)

    This is by far the greatest invention for the carry conceal aspect of carrying your weapon. The clipclaw is a better product than its competitor Techna clip. Much more sterdy. And a more secure fit. The two products are good but the edge goes to Clipcfraw.

  30. Jtellez86 (verified owner)

    This is by far the best. I am a lefty, and this was just perfect. No bulkiness.

  31. Bryan (verified owner)

    I have already used and enjoyed two other “screw on” clipdraws. It’s the only holster I use for EDC. I did not trust the adhesive model. But this time, I purchased the adhesive model so I could place it where I wanted it, and if I ever wanted it on a different pistol, I could easily change it, as it comes with 6 adhesive strips.
    If you are wondering, the adhesive model is outstanding and working flawlessly. 🙂

  32. Ted Robertson

    Great product: have one for all my CC hand guns, revolvers & semi-autos…

  33. B Greene (verified owner)

    The Clipdraw is my third one. It is the only solution if you want a safe and complete concealment. As most Clipdraw users agree, no bulk advertisement what you have under you garments.
    Great product, great quality.

  34. TomS

    I have now purchased my third clipdraw, one on my Kimber 1911 and two on Sigs. I find them to be reliable, secure, and much quicker to use than a conventional holster, not to mention the lack of bulk. They are ridiculously easy to install, cause no damage to the weapon, and can even be removed and re-used.

  35. Bethany Lightle (verified owner)

    In love with this little clip! I cant even tell you how many holsters I’ve purchased over the years that were big and bulky. As a woman, I’ve never been able to conceal my gun on my body…UNTIL I received Clipdraw as a gift. I cant even believe how simple and effective it is. I ended up purchasing two more as gifts for others and plan to purchase one more. Thank you, ClipDraw , for making a product that makes me and my family safer in today’s crazy world!

  36. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great product. I own two and both are flawless and easy to put on gun. Would definitely recommend

  37. Eric Cool (verified owner)

    I’ve been carrying ever since ccw become legal in Missouri back in 2004 and this is my favorite carry method hands down! Since I started carrying I’ve tried many holsters from many different holster companies ranging from $20 up to $300. Some of which were works of art! I just couldn’t stand the added bulk or break in period. I also was frustrated with putting on and taking off a holster sometimes depending on where the holster is positioned is a real chore and cumbersome. I’ve tried the different clips clip draw offers and I my favorite is the universal clip draw. It offers the user the ability to get the ride height or depth exactly the way they want it. Predetermined ride height or depth on a holster is not a one size fits all solution and has been one of biggest issue with holsters I’ve used. Most either ride to high or to low but with the universal clip draw I get to set it just right. I have a universal clip draw on my Glock 42, 26, 19, and wife’s 43. In regards to the trigger guard not being covered you have some options. You can either carry without one being in the chamber condition 0 which is my preferred method in appendix IWB or there are products like the safe t block or the kydex trigger guard that is available. The the safe t block is pretty cool and is what I use if I’m carrying with a chambered round.

  38. Jimmy England (verified owner)

    I v been using this product for 10 years , currently have one on a 1908 colt works great. I put it on and never know its there.

  39. Michael John Kain (verified owner)

    Great Solution for Handgun that does not have a “hardware” method to adhere the Belt Clip to a Handgun. I own two, one that adheres to Gun #1 via screw and ferrule through the base, and now Gun #2 via the Adhesive Strips. Either method was easy to put on my guns. For those interested in IWB concealment, I would definitely recommend either one.

  40. LB in OKC (verified owner)

    Love it! I have three on three different guns. All work perfectly.

  41. Mark Gordon (verified owner)

    I love the Clipdraw. It replaces the need for a holster and has always kept my weapon secure. I just purchased my third Clipdraw and I plan on putting them on all my concealable weapons. It will change the way you think about carrying concealed!!

  42. mark (verified owner)

    I’ve been using clipdraw for years and absolutely love it. Have it on my 40 shield and 22 compact. Would never go back to a holster…

  43. JC Collins

    I have been using Clipdraw on my Colt 1911 for nearly 20 years. Works so well that when they came out with the Clipdraws for the Glocks, I got one for my 19 and 30. Excellent life saving accessibility and fit. My most recent purchase was the Clipdraw for the LCP II. Again, easy to install and multiple ways to conceal this little pistol. I am a CCW/CQC instructor and have been for the last 17 or so years. Immediate accessibility, of a concealed weapon is the most important factor when choosing a holster. Once upon a time I was part owner of a machine gun range. We had a lot of LE and military volunteers. I was the elder of the group and caught a lot of grief over my clipdraw “holster” as I call it, which was new and different at the time. One day we should have a shoot off to see just how good my holster worked. There was no contest. Clipdraw won every time. This got them off my back, two of them purchased a Clipdraw for their 1911s and it felt pretty good watching them eat so much crow.

    Clipdraw’s support team is comprised of caring professionals. About 6 months ago the clipdraw for my 1911 cracked. A very nice and concerned lady honored their warranty and replaced it at no cost. The process was a delight.

    Bottom line: Great product, Great Support, great pricing……………………….JC

  44. leslie cohen (verified owner)

    this was not my first pucrhase. my other guns all have clipguard on them from years ago

  45. Moe (verified owner)

    Works as described. Arrived on time

  46. spikewhite

    Excellent device installs easily works great first was for hellcat work d so well bought universal that works great all my semi autos will wear one

  47. Toby (verified owner)

    I have the Universal Clipdraw installed on a Ruger 9mm Duty Pistol. This is a full size pistol, not a little compact pocket rocket. I am able to utilize the Clipdraw with my Bib Overalls and carry with zero printing. Pistol moves with me and is comfortable for all day wear. My one complaint is they do not offer a trigger guard for the Ruger American.

  48. Dewayne Elmore (verified owner)

    I loved it , it looked great on my Canik tp9sfx , but my mother in law needed a holster for her taurus 22 and I gifted it to her , so now I don’t have it any more but , on a positive note , she is a veteran, and I damn sure support our vets ! Who knows maybe one day I can get another one for myself.

  49. Jewaun WALTERS (verified owner)

    Great product works nicely on my compact apx

  50. Jason (verified owner)

    Ok had my doubts at first about the tape strip and how well this would actually work. Ive had the clip on for a while now and use it almost daily. The clip is tight and it all holds very well.

  51. Chuck

    I bought the universal drawclip with a lot of skepticism. Can the tape really hold up the gun? Could it drop into my pants! Well it’s amazing! I’m very thankful they gave me extra tapes that hold the bar with holes. It took me a while to find the right spot to place it on my Bersa Thunder Storm 380. It really works!

  52. Mike

    Works great. what else can I say

  53. rrmm3

    I have owned a clip draw for more than 10 years and just bought a couple more. Better than ANY holster.

  54. Mark (verified owner)

    This clip is awesome, simple and works great! The cool thing that is universal along with great customer service, they are willing to answer your questions with out attitude! During COVID-19 Customer service has disappeared but not these folks!

  55. Meat Face (verified owner)

    Works great for my sccy cpx2

  56. Bob Lidard (verified owner)

    Bob- I have purchased 3 clipdraws and they all work great on my 2 pistols and my wife’s pistol. It takes the hassle out of dealing with holsters and I have purchased 8 different ones and none can beat the ease of clipping to your pants or belt and in wife’s case, on a spacer in her purses or handbags. A terrific innovation.

  57. Anon :-) (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect!! What more can I say. Things you buy on the internet, many times are less than expected… This clipdraw came and impressed and then kept on impressing. The clip fits easily and tight. Holds perfect where you put it, not flapping, no bulk, just concealed.

  58. bob

    Works very well no issues

  59. Anthony Claudio

    Been using clipdraw for my kahr mk9 longer than i can remember. traditional holsters are fine but require a certain amount of compensation to wear. clipdraw is an awesome solution. I would like a trigger guard for my mk9 and hope they would be offered as standard offering for it and all handguns not using holsters.

  60. John C. Allgyer (verified owner)

    It is such a simple design but it works perfectly. I own both custom fit and universal fit models. I could not be any happier. Holsters are just too bulky for concealed carry.

  61. Vince Ferraro (verified owner)

    Excellent product! I carry a S&W,9mm Shield with safety. Comfortable,safe and easy draw.
    I highly recommend!

  62. Joel Stoner (verified owner)

    Great product. Works well with my 380. Easy to install, and plenty of replacements should they needed. I highly recommend this product.

  63. Wallace LaRue (verified owner)

    great for Answer concealed. Better than I expected!

  64. Curt Turner (verified owner)

    Changed from the clipdraw for P365 Sig and went to the Universal.. love it. I can now more easily pull the slide back as I can grab the back end of the slide without the clipdraw being there (the universal mounts farther forward if you want).

    I will have a clipdraw for every handgun I plan on carrying concealed going forward.

  65. Larry Colombo (verified owner)

    Works great on the Sccy.

  66. Dave (verified owner)

    I’m a fan of clip draw. Just installed a universal kit on a Sig 938 I use as a backup. Works perfect.

  67. Jason Taylor (verified owner)

    Excellent as always. I was a little worried about using tape to hold the clip to my handgun ( Springfield 911 ) but it works as advertised. 100 % confident in using a Clipdraw instead of a iwb holster. This would be my 5th or 6th clipdraw ive bought. Buy with confidence.

  68. Peter (verified owner)

    Work really well! Made in America is a huge plus! Also whoever packed the package is based! WWG1WGA!
    Installation was easy even for someone who had not taken apart a pistol before.

  69. R. W. (verified owner)

    So far so good, haven’t had any issues out of it. Other than the pistol being cold when it first goes into any shorts/pants I wear lol. Issues with the advertisement sticker though, the adhesive on it wasn’t that great near the edges and peeled up off my suv window.

  70. Dr. M.F. (verified owner)

    What a great product, I use it now for a few weeks and I am really happy with it.
    It is a solid solution and comfy. Especially the customer service and their fast replies are worth mentioning.
    The first one convinced me so much that I bough additional ones for all my handguns.

  71. Brett Amundson (verified owner)

    Works perfect and beyond easy to install. The idea of using tape seemed strange at first but this ain’t just tape…it’s the schizle!

  72. Wesley Young (verified owner)

    Works Great No problems arrived on time as promised by clip draw.

  73. Jake (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for my conceal carry. The tape strip is very strong. Haven’t had any problems even in 100 degree heat!

  74. Marty (verified owner)

    Like others I have tried several holsters, some are high end rigs. I always felt they were too bulky and just didn’t work for me. The clip draw system is simple and just works for what I want. It looks like I am carrying a knife it’s so slimline and that’s if someone ever does see the clip hanging over. The retention is strong and the thing just works. Simple but really effective. What do they say? ‘Keep it simple stupid!……love this thing. Highly recommend.

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