Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 43, 43x, 48 – 9mm
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
Clipdraw belt clip carried concealed holster
ITW holster in suit
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Side by side of pocket concealment
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 17, 19, 19x, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30s, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 45
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – glock 43, 43x, 48 – 9mm
Belt clip – universal revolver – black or silver
Belt clip – glock 42 .380
Close up of back of gun with clip
(34 customer reviews)

BELT CLIP – GLOCK 43, 43X, 48 – 9MM

  • Fits Glock 43, 43X & 48 – 9MM
  • Replaces Bulky & Uncomfortable Holsters
  • Most Discreet Concealment Method
  • Ambidextrous – Mounts on Right or Left Side
  • Easy Installation – All Parts Included
  • Comfortable, Slim & Secure
  • Made in America
  • Lifetime Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
  • Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military & Citizens since 1995

Original price was: $26.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Glock Concealed Carry Belt Clips
Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry
Eliminates Bulk from Traditional Style Holsters
No Printing – Slimmest Possible Carry Profile
2 Minute Install – No Modifications
Glock Trigger Safety Products Available
American Made
Trusted by Law Enforcement, Military and Licensed Citizens since 1995!
The Best Glock ‘Holster’ for Concealment

Stop dressing ‘around’ your holster – wear the clothes you want while comfortably and securely carrying your concealed Glock.

Clips to your waistband (with or without belt), boot, pocket, vest and more – with confidence.

Clipdraw is always ready – grab and go for a quick trip out or wear confidently as part of your everyday carry.

Great for warm weather – wear with your shorts and t-shirt.
Not an either/or – Clipdraw will fit with your traditional style holster.  You will not need to remove your Clipdraw when carrying with other holsters.

Compatible with front mounted or grip lasers
Clips are made specific to each Glock and are NOT interchangeable!
GS-B fits 9MM, .357, .40 & Slim .45 Glocks (17-19-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-30S-31-32-33-34-35-36)
GL-B fits 10MM & .45 (20-21-21SF-29-30-30SF-37-38-39-40)
GS & GL Clips are Longer

G42-B fits Glock 42 .380 Only
G43-B fits Glock 43 9MM Only
G42 & G43 Clips are Shorter

GS & GL Clipdraw Hardware
Glock 42 & Glock 43 Hardware

Special Tempered Spring Steel Clip with High Quality Powder Coat Finish
Provides Flex and Memory for use over any sized belt then returns to original retention point.  Finish prevents any scratching or abrasions on your Glock.
Replacement Slide Cover Plate made from Machine Aluminum with 2 Pre-Drilled Screw Holes.
4 Screws, 4 Washers (2 are required, 2 are extra) and Allen Wrench for installation of clip to replacement slide cover plate.
Each Clipdraw is made to the exact specs of your Glock and can not be interchanged.
GS & GL Clips are Longer for Standard Frame & Large Frame Glock Pistols
G42 & G43 Clips are Shorter for ‘Pocket Glocks’ Glock 42 & Glock 43 ONLY

Add a custom engraving to your Glock Clipdraw!
Perfect gift for family, friends or yourself
Names, Nicknames, Dates, 2nd Amendment, Military and Law Enforcement Messages – Anything that’s important to you!
Quick Shipping – Engraving does not slow down your shipment timeframe

Separate slide from the frame
Remove the barrel assembly
Using a pin punch or screwdriver – press down on black spacer located in the slide of your gun and press towards the muzzle.
With your other hand – carefully remove the slide cover plate.  Be Careful! Components are spring loaded.
Install Clipdraw replacement slide cover plate by pressing on black plastic insert at back end of slide while simultaneously inserting slide cover plate into position.
Mount the clip on either side using screws, washers and allen wrench provided.

Kydex Trigger Guard made specifically to fit your Glock.
Provides trigger protection when your pistol is ‘holstered’
Guard removes itself when pistol is drawn – no extra steps for the shooter!
Does NOT fit with front mounted lasers.
High Quality Kydex does not crack or break
Set the cord length to your appropriate draw.

GMH fits All Glock Models Except G42 & G43
G4243MH fits Glock 42 & Glock 43 Only

Snap trigger guard onto pistol over your entire trigger housing area
Loop cord around your belt or belt loop
Once drawn from concealed position, the cord will come to full length and kydex guard will remove itself from your pistol.
Pistol is ready for operation.

Provides Trigger Protection when your Glock is ‘holstered’
Ejects easily with trigger finger – adds zero time to your draw
Right Hand Saf-T-Blok for Right Handed Shooters
Left Hand Saf-T-Blok for Left Handed Shooters
Plastic insert with tension key snaps into place securely and firmly
Rugged Carbon filled Polymer textured to match the Glock
Use the tension key and included allen wrench to set the Saf-T-Blok to proper tension for your Glock and personal preference.
Insert Saf-T-Blok behind the trigger in the trigger guard area.
Once drawn – eject Saf-T-Blok using your trigger finger.
Glock is ready for Operation.

If you are looking for the best concealed carry holsters for Glocks, you’ll want to try the Clipdraw. Trusted by many satisfied customers.

Looking for some of our other pistol products? We also offer Clipdraw models for Ruger LCP, Springfield XDS, M&P Shield, j-frame revolvers and more!

Feel free to check out our other pistol options and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to use using the contact form on the site! We have installation guides for all products to help you install the product.

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(34 customer reviews)
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Tim Schooler

I have a clipdraw on my Glock 42, and my Glock 43x. I have always looked for a product that would make my carry conceal weapons more hidden on my body. That being said I have thrown all my IWB holsters in the safe and I only use clip draw now. Very well made, sturdy product. Very versatile in carry methods. Very low profile. Best product I have purchased in years. You buy one and f these and you will say goodbye to your IWB holsters for good. I am 110% satisfied with this product!!!!! I have convinced several friends to try this product and they all agree, best carry conceal method on the market! Thank You Clip Draw for a excellent, well built product.


first off their customer service from start to finish is amazing. product is awesome. exactly what i wanted. had it a few months and 10 people have asked where i got it.

Gordon Lamey

Ordered a Clipdraw for my Glock 43 a while back, wanted to use it for awhile before I left a review. Quick and easy to install, flawless fit and finish, 43 functions perfectly after installation, can carry 43 wearing shorts and tee shirt without printing. Fast shipping and quality product.

Mike Harrod

It is the greatest works great with my Glock and the engraving makes it really stand out very pleased

Gary Raulerson

Great product. This is the second that I have purchased. As with my first review, my only issues is there are no serrations to aid with racking the slide. Other than that, very good design. I would buy again and again. If they upgrade with a serrated version, I’d definitely buy.

cathleen ashman

great product………….


Just throw away your old smelly holsters. This clip is the best. No bulge, no fuss.
I own five of these for my handguns.

Jason Moore
2 time State Shooting champion
World Record holder
2 time Grandmaster rating in USPSA


After months of using the clipdraw, I have to say i’m very happy with it, build quality is very nice, the clip itself is very smooth and not sharp. The screws have stayed in place no problem. I’m a skinny guy and holsters make it look like i’ve got a tumor on my waist which is why I went with the clip. Might make some nervous about carrying with a round in the chamber but just practice proper trigger discipline and don’t be sticking your fingers down your pants fiddling with the thing. This was installed on a Glock 43x.

Nate O'Donnell

After using this clip system for a few months it has quickly become my favorite way to carry my g43x. No printing issues at all. Very versatile placement options for deep concealment. The system was easy to install with simple tools and the ones provided. I will definitely buy again for other guns. Thanks for a reliable product!

Arthur T. Glenn

Quality built product really like it so far


Great item, put my name on the clip and it came out perfect. I received the item in 3 days which was extremely fast considering I personalized it. Thanks

Marcus B

Easy installation. Secure retention. I use a kydex trigger guard for added safety. I am wel pleased. G43X

Russell Shields

This thing is $$. I can carry my 43X in the waistband of my gym shorts or my everyday wear pants or shorts.

Robert Hayden

I have been using one on my Smith and Wesson Air weights since they came out. They allowed me to carry concealed in many UC situations where I could only be dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. They never printed. I was never questioned. Draw is easy and sure. After some practice it as fast as any concealed venue. I have them on my Glocks now and they are still she same fine product. I recommend them to anyone who wants real concealed carry. I have been a P.I. for 30+ years and have always had a license to carry when required. Thanks for helping to make it happen. Robert Hayden


Works flawlessly on my Glock 43X

Pisani Domenico

comfortable, can carry the gun without additional bulk. I just have to get used to loading it in a different way but nothing difficult.


The clipdraw was fast and easy to put on my Glock 48 no hassle i put it on in less then a 30 min work break literally lmao i will be buying more

Brian Shaffer

Easiest install you will ever make on your CCW. Adds zero bulk and retention is great. Add the trigger sheath and its as safe as an holster out there

H P Kacz

I ordered a Clipdraw for my Glock 43. The item was shipped promptly, is of the highest quality and I was able to install it in less than a minute. It is indeed a minimalist “holster,” yet is very secure. The concealment afforded by this device is superior to almost every other holster but allows the pistol to be drawn as quickly as from any quality IWB holster. The Clipdraw does not interfere with and allows my 43 to be inserted into my ankle holster when I use it as a backup gun.

The con of this holster is that reholstering it takes deliberate action and is not done quickly.

butch bird

great product fast delivery great people to order from.

Dianne Ridge

Love it! I’m a 100lb woman & have trouble concealing anywhere-any holster adds to bulk & is easily visible on me. The Clipdraw works & is comfortable to wear.

Chris becenti

Very nice. Very slick. Big difference between having a holster and not having one. Just feels better. Works good for me.

Don Packingham

I have several of these, because they work! Very comfortable and most important SECURE. I believe in this product so much I have introduced it to several friends and they too love the product.

Doug Rusher

The customer service for this company is Outstanding, the best there is in my opinion. I had a small quality control issue, nothing major and I made a brief mention of it on a previous review. Craig called me within a day to tell me a new part was on the way. Not questions asked, they just took care of it. You can not ask for more than that. I have Clipdraws on all my EDC guns, my job requires it, so I can’t afford to use or buy junk. Qualify is what you get from Clipdraw combined with exceptional customer service– which is why I will always be a loyal customer. Doug Rusher Chief of Security.


Been using these for decades as LEO and now retired. Highly recommend.


Been using these for decades as LEO and now retired. Works well with belt slide holsters if you want OWB carry occasionally.


Belt clip fit my Glock 43 perfectly. Very comfortable to wear. May order again for other pistols of mine. Very happy with fast shipping and the product.. thanks


fits perfectly, great quality

T Johnson

I absolutely love my Clipdraw. Very easy to install. And she (48 9mm) holds on for dear life on my waist. Nice snug fit!! I extremely happy with my purchase

T Johnson

I absolutely love my Clipdraw. Very easy to install. And she (48 9mm) holds on for dear life on my waist. Nice snug fit!! I extremely happy with my purchase.

Rating :

I have used clipdraw on G27 and G43. The 43 is my EDC and fits very comfortably in my jeans front pocket.
I have the proverbial “Dad Bod” and don’t have the pokes and discomfort associated with conventional holster systems.

Rating :

I’ve had a Clipdraw clip for multiple pistols (Kimber, bodyguard 380, Glock 19). I bought one for my new Glock 43 and as always am impressed with their product!

Rating :

The Perfect Solution – I have been carrying off and on over the years and being a smaller guy (5’7″ 160lbs), I never could find a pistol and inside the belt holster combo that was comfortable and stealth enough to encourage regular carry. This ClipDraw on my G43 is amazing and the bonus is that with it installed the pistol still fits into my Fobus outside paints holster. I am going to sell my inside the paints holsters now for any pistol that I can get a ClipDraw for. Highly recommend. What a great product!

Scott C
Rating :

Great product!! I really like the Clipdraw and have it on a g43 and g26. In addition to having minimal printing issues, I find that during the winter I can immediately clip it to my jeans pocket where the firearm rides under a jacket. I also have the trigger guard which I consider a must for appendix carry. Sometimes, simple is the best. This is a great product !!