Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Close-up of a firearm charging handle, model 3
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – universal revolver – black or silver
(12 customer reviews)


  • Flexible Ambidextrous Pistol Charging Handle
  • Relief for Weak, Tired or Painful Hands and Fingers.
  • Quick and Confident One Finger Charging
  • Fits with Clipdraw & Virtually All Holsters
  • Includes Preassembled CNC Machined Replacement Slide Cover Plate and Finger Loop
  • Flexible finger loop will not dig into your body. Pliable Biothane material maintains it’s shape but is flexible for carrying and drawing.
  • Overcome the difficulty of racking your slide.
  • Simple drop in installation process. Easy to follow directions for a seamless installation without professional tools.
  • Made in America. Assembled in Pennsylvania.


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(12 customer reviews)
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Craig horton

Made it possible to pull the slide back as i gave weak grip
. Highly tecommend


Works great on both Springfield Armory Semi-automatic pistols. Easy to install. Even my wife can rack the slides now. Toughmaterial.

james ruiz

works great on s&w m&p and springfield xd

Brett Girman

I bought this for my Mom whom has had surgery on her thumbs and as a result has a weakened grip. Once this great product was installed on her Springfield XD 9mm Service model; Mom can now rack the slide at will with ZERO difficulty. GREAT idea, well made, and it works. You couldn’t ask for more.

Billy Tubbs

Great product was very impressed at workmanship, so fast and easy

M. Dumire

Easy to install. Works great on my XD45 . No problem at all. Love it…

D. Barratt

Works great and easy to install.

Kit WIlson

I bought this for my wife who has lost some hand strength over the years. This is an awesome product, easy to install and made an amazing difference. I wish we would have found this years ago. Quick installation, quick shipping and communication was excellent.

Clark Mayers

I bought 2 of these slide pulls. Put 1 on my xd40 and 1 on xd9 subcompact. The installation was simple and only took a few minutes. Everything was a perfect fit and now I can easily rack the slide without any difficulty.




Great product , not that easy to install I would say around a medium difficulty ,make sure to watch a few videos of the xd9 back plate removal first. Once installed it works great easily rack slide now. Only downside is it hides the striker indicator but if you follow the basic gun safety rules it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Debra Lequieu
Rating :

I am very satisfied with the charging handle for my Springfield XD 9mm. I can confidently pull the slide back. I highly recommend to others with weak grips/arthritic hands to give this a try.