Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Charging handle – glock 42 .380
Belt clip – universal revolver – black or silver
(15 customer reviews)


  • Flexible Ambidextrous Pistol Charging Handle
  • Relief for Weak, Tired or Painful Hands and Fingers.
  • Quick and Confident One Finger Charging
  • Fits with Clipdraw & Virtually All Holsters
  • Includes Preassembled CNC Machined Replacement Slide Cover Plate and Finger Loop
  • Flexible finger loop will not dig into your body. Pliable Biothane material maintains it’s shape but is flexible for carrying and drawing.
  • Overcome the difficulty of racking your slide.
  • Simple drop in installation process. Easy to follow directions for a seamless installation without professional tools.
  • Made in America. Assembled in Pennsylvania.


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(15 customer reviews)
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My wife could not chamber a round with the shield 9mm. After I put the clip draw on she was able to load it. The fact that its rubber it doesn’t get in the way or hang on any thing.
Works really good.

Bob P

FIt and finish good to go, works great.


Makes racking the slide of the M&P Shield much easier for those with poor hand and arm strength. Very easy to install and won’t affect sight picture.

Glenn B

I wear a artificial arm with a hook so racking my m&p shield was hard to do. I installed the charging handle and made it so much easier to rack and also safer. The info that came with got me looking at the clipdraw and all the good reviews I’m going to order one of those also. Thanks for a great product.

Gary W Ammons

This accessory was a life saver.
I have lost so much hand strength, that I was considering selling my M&P’s.
I was looking at revolvers.
I found this and got one for my 45c and my Shield 45.
I can now easily rack two of the most difficult pistols that I have ever run across.
Thank you Clipdraw!
And thank you too, Chris!

Doug T

My wife can now pull the slide on my shield. I also put the clip on it. Everything works fine.

Melissa J Kandare

Bought an M&P sheild 9mm and it was difficult to chamber a round. Now I can load it even with injured ribs. As a woman I would highly recommend this for the M&P line of pistols that aren’t the M&P Ezs. Would definitely recommend.

James Menshouse

I bought this for my wife’s handgun because she could not pull back the slide action. Now she can and it was easy to install. She loves and I love it.

Jeff S

This made things easier for my wife who was having a difficult time racking her M&P Shield 9. It made me happy to see her so happy, and be able to finally enjoy her new gun. It doesn’t interfere with holstering and was easy to install.


Purchased for my wife, the product was received quickly and it works great. We’ll have to see how it holds up over time though.

Margo Nordstrom

I am very poor and strength and could not load my shield 9 mm. A friend recommended me to this pull. Love it no I can easily load around with out straining wrist. I would totally recommend it.

Terry Zwetzig

Simple, easy to install and it works! Arthritis was giving me fits with tackling the slide, no more.

Rating :

Like most my wife could not rack her M&P. Bought this charging handle and all is good. Now we are both happy. 🙂

Rating :

I would not be able to rack the slide without this handle. Now I can participate in shooting competitions.

Janelle W
Rating :

I was ready to give up on my M&P shield 9mm. I never thought my hands were weak until I got that gun. I could not rack the slide for the life of me. This simple device is a game changer for me. I actually like my gun now! Thanks!