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Product Features

  • -Flexible Ambidextrous Pistol Charging Handle
  • -Relief for Weak, Tired or Painful Hands and Fingers.
  • -Quick and Confident One Finger Charging
  • Fits with Clipdraw & Virtually All Holsters
  • -Includes Preassembled CNC Machined Replacement Slide Cover Plate and Finger Loop
  • -Flexible finger loop will not dig into your body. Pliable Biothane material maintains it’s shape but is flexible for carrying and drawing.
  • -Overcome the difficulty of racking your slide.
  • -Simple drop in installation process. Easy to follow directions for a seamless installation without professional tools.
  • -Made in America. Assembled in Pennsylvania.

6 reviews for CHARGING HANDLE – GLOCK 17 – 41

  1. D beasom (verified owner)

    Works well. My wife can now rack the pistol.

  2. C. Sanders (verified owner)

    Works great. Two fingers and I can fast rack now despite arthritis.

  3. K Chandler (verified owner)

    This works very well once it is mounted. My wife has arthritis in her hands and is a happy camper now that she can rack the slide easily.

    Installation takes only minutes. However, on our Glock 19 gen 4, the loop and attaching bits cover part of the notches in the cover plate and interfere with the trigger housing mechanism. Attach the loop to the cover plate after the slide is back on the pistol and all will be well. This is not stated on the instructions.

  4. DLJB (verified owner)

    Thanks sooo much Clip Draw! My boatbuilder/sandpaper-worn thin-too-bleeding finger tips have always struggled to rack a slide without help? Your charging handle grab is AWESOME!! It’s going on all my guns!

    Did however need to make some mini-grinder modification to the provided metal backing plate however for my Polymer 80 builds? And still working on some other issue making slide release and removal difficult? But not sure how much of that was due to backing plate?

    Cheers! Thanks again! My threadbare fingertips thank you!

  5. Rod (verified owner)

    Bought two charging handles. One for the wife’s Glock 26, and one for my Glock 23.

    Handles worked fine but it was impossible to remove the slide with handles installed.

    Sent a message to the folks here and quick as a bunny I had replacements.

    Handles work fine and slide is easily removed.

    Have been showing these and the Glock trigger lock off at the range and I think the
    sales from my area may be taking a big jump!!

  6. Curtis Williams (verified owner)

    Fit my wife’s Gen 2, 22, perfectly. Now she can charge her weapon even with arthritis. Thank you for such a nice, simple, and much needed product.

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