Concealed Carry Laws and Gun Owners in the News

Update: North Carolina – PASSED!

House Bill 746, which allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapon in the same places they can currently open carry, passed the North Carolina House of Representatives on June 8th, 64-51.

The bill now moves to the state Senate for review and vote.

Update: Michigan – PASSED!

The Michigan bills intended to remove the requirement for a concealed carry permit has passed the Michigan House of Representatives on Wednesday, June 7th.

The bill package spanned 3 bills, 4417 which passed 60-48, 4418 which passed 59-49, and bill 4419, which passed 61-47.

The bill removes the requirement for legal gun owners to obtain a separate concealed carry permit, what proponents of the bill have called a “coat tax” – referencing the fact that simply putting on a coat can turn a legal gun owner into a felon.

The law now moves to the Michigan state Senate. If approved there it would move to Gov. Rick Snyder to be signed into law.

Gun Owner Saves Twins in Oklahoma

A neighbor was alerted to a dangerous situation by a 12-year-old early last week, prompting him to investigate, and as a result, stop a potentially violent crime and tragedy.

Cash Freeman, of Ada, Oklahoma, rushed to his neighbor’s home and discovered Leland Foster allegedly threatening a woman with a knife and attempting to drown the woman’s 3-month old twins.

Although concerned at the consequences, Freeman addressed the situation, shooting Foster twice in the back and killing him. When asked, Freeman indicated he did what he thought was right.

Although he will be required to go before the District Attorney, the Ada police released Freeman after questioning.

The twins were flown to Oklahoma City for care. They were released and are in good condition.


Ohio Bill Proposes Removing Retreat Before Self-Defense Requirement

Ohio House Bill 228 would remove the existing requirement that someone under attack retreat before shooting in self-defense, unless in their car or residence.

The bill is heavily supported, with 2 sponsors and 35 co-sponsors. If it passes, the law would bring Ohio into line with surrounding states on this issue. It is currently in review with the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee.


Philadelphia Man’s Conviction Vacated to Lesser Charge in Self-Defense Case

In October of 2012, Timothy I. Highsmith stepped in to stop a physical fight between a man, Willie Scott, and his girlfriend. Highsmith drew his gun during the altercation but did not fire. Afterward, Scott, who outweighed Highsmith by 100 pounds, began following Highsmith and grabbed him. Highsmith shot Scott once, then twice more when Scott lunged at him.

Afterward, Highsmith was charged and convicted of third-degree murder, with a sentence of 7 ½ to 15 years. Last week, the Pennsylvania Superior Court vacated that ruling.

In a majority ruling, the Superior Court concluded that Highsmith should have been convicted of voluntary manslaughter. The case has been returned to the county courts for resentencing under the new charge.

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