Handi-Racker Racking System

Easily rack your handgun!

Use for loading rounds, clearing jams and field stripping

Measure your handgun’s slide to find correct size

Handi-racker racking system Handi-racker racking system

Product Description

The Handi-Racker Racking System assists people struggle with racking their handgun. Simply place the Handi-Racker on top of your gun’s muzzle, push the grip until the slide is fully racked and release. Useful for loading/unloading rounds, clearing jams and field stripping. Measure your handgun’s slide width at the top of the muzzle to find the correct size. Made in USA.


Small – 3/4″. Fits Ruger® LCP, Keltec P3-AT, M&P Bodyguard.
Medium – 7/8″. Fits Keltec PF9, Ruger® LC9, Bersa 380.
Large – 1-1/16″. Fits most Glocks, Springfield XD and M series, most M&Ps, 1911s.
X-Large – 1-19/64″. Fits .45-cal. Glocks, .45-cal. Springfield XD and M series, .45-cal. Hi Point.
Beretta – Beretta 92/94/96 M9’s and clones.

Directions for use:

1. The Handi-Racker is placed over the slide of a handgun.

2. The Handi-Racker may be placed on a table or other surface as a user depresses the handgun grip forward.  The body of the Handi-Racker retains the slide within the slide channel, allowing the barrel to extend into the barrel channel.

3. Once the slide has moved sufficiently rearward, the user releases pressure on the handgun grip, allowing the recoil spring to drive the slide forward and load a cartridge into the barrel.  Then, the Handi-Racker is removed from the slide and the handgun may be fired.Handi-racker racking system


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