Arkansas’s Opens New Enhanced Concealed Carry Instructor’s Exam

Last Wednesday marks the first day that Arkansas instructors could take the new state test required for teaching the class needed to obtain a concealed carry license.

Passing this new test will qualify these instructors to teach the enhanced permit classes, needed to carry weapons previously restricted, such as college campuses, churches, and other public buildings. They cannot teach the enhanced class until they have passed the new exam. However, the test will be required for all instructors in the state to continue to provide classes for all concealed carry levels.

Dozens of instructors came to the Arkansas State Police Headquarters on January 24th to take the new test. Some instructors wanted to be able to offer the enhanced class to their students sooner, while others wanted to get the test out of the way, knowing they would eventually be required to take it.

“I wanted to go ahead and get it done so I’d be able to offer this sooner than later,” Instructor Elka King said.

The new enhanced license will have greater requirements, and the state’s true-false test is meant to help those teaching these skills show their knowledge in these areas.

To begin with, the new class has increased shooting training and competency requirements. Applicants must fire 50 rounds each at targets at 3 yards, 7 yards, and 15 yards. There will also be active shooter training included as part of the enhanced licensing requirements.

“There’s training that’s going to be required on emerging events that’s really geared around active shooter, active shooter threats and how you manage that,” instructor Jody Box said.

Instructors have until July 1st to take the new test. “The law says if you’re going to remain an instructor you have to take the enhanced conceal carry test and you have to offer enhanced training,” Instructor Carl Burdine said.

Failure to do so means their instructor certification will not be renewed. Those taking the test must score at a 40 on the 50-question exam, getting at least 80% of the questions correct, to pass.

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