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  • I am been truly delighted with the service from Clipdraw. An order went missing and within minutes or knowing this, they had already placed a replacement order and shipped it out the same day. Buy with confidence, great product and impeccable... July 22, 2019
    Andrew K. – FL
  • I am a CCL holder and I have had issue's with a holster under my clothing, having to pull it up and out of the way etc. It has always bothered me by slowing down my draw. I bought your product put it on my weapon and was amazed and how it changed my... January 17, 2018
    Eddie T.
  • I just received my Clipdraw in the mail today and wanted to share my experience.  The installation was exactly as shown on your videos and only took about two minutes.  It is very secure and has a low profile, meaning with the Clipdraw attached,... January 17, 2018
    Brian E.

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