Eddie T.

I am a CCL holder and I have had issue’s with a holster under my clothing, having to pull it up and out of the way etc. It has always bothered me by slowing down my draw. I bought your product put it on my weapon and was amazed and how it changed my draw […]

Brian E.

I just received my Clipdraw in the mail today and wanted to share my experience.  The installation was exactly as shown on your videos and only took about two minutes.  It is very secure and has a low profile, meaning with the Clipdraw attached, it still easily fits into my nylon holster.  It clips right […]

Sean S.

I have sent you guys a message before about the trigger guard I bought a while ago. I still love it. The trigger guard is a great and simple product that helps keep me safe. I finally got the clip for my m&p shield for christmas. As a veteran who never feels safe without a […]

John M.

Just got 2 Clipdraw,1 for lightweight colt officers and a stainless universal for a Walther PPK. This is just a note to say they install easy as pie and secure the weapon perfectly. The do not interfere with operation at all. Excellent product and fine quality, thank you from retired LEO.

Randy K.

We received our 2 clipdraw attachments today. The quick and easy installation was nice. And it works great on my revolver and especially on multiple locations of my over-all’s. It’s definitely farmer approved!

Carlos S.

just got the universal clip for my 380 Bersa Thunder.  It’s everything I hoped and more.  I was having trouble finding a comfortable holster so I bought the clip draw I used all day yesterday and I’m very satisfied.  I just bought another:)

Andrey I. – FL

Love your products, the universal clip draw is awesome.  After 13 years in law enforcement and seven in the army, as a unit armorer and firearms instructor. These things just work, especially while living in South West Florida and stationed in El Paso Texas, where you can’t usually wear a “good belt and holster” like […]

James R. – TX

My wife gave me a clipdraw for Christmas and I’ve been carrying my Glock19 every day.. i find its more comfortable than any holster i have ever owned.. love this product..

Joseph S. – NY

I just got mine yesterday. I installed it with ease on my M&P Shield (w/safety) I like how it rides low along the pant line, yet easy to draw from.

Sean B. – PA

Clip draw is phenomenal, I’ve had many different holsters and this is by far the most comfortable way to carry that I have discovered. Clip draw is absolutely amazing

Paul P.

I have purchased many in the pants holsters for my Glock 19, and can’t seem to find 1 comfortable enough to wear all day. I prefer to carry front right and for a while just would just rather carry without a holster, but certain movements would cause my firearm to slip. Clipdraw has been the perfect […]

Sterling W. – WV

Have used them for 12 years work great for my Glock and all carry style .

Galen D.

I have the clip draw for my taurus slim pro. I love it! Its so comfortable that i forget its there. It doesn’t print, even under just a t shirt. The adhesive backing is very strong.

Josh W.

Used several different holsters even after buying clipdraw but somehow I always go back to it. Love carrying with it and by far has the best concealment for my G26.

Mark C. – CT

I just installed one on my XDS .45 it’s a Sturdy design and guaranteed. Unfortunately I purchased two belly bands and four holsters before this……I’m finally pleased!

John H.

Just received mine today and love it. Installed on a Sig Sauer P290rs. It is way more comfortable than any holster I have used in the past. Need to get a few more. Probably gonna be giving these out for gifts.

Kohen S.

I’ve been wanting to try the Clipdraw on my Springfield XD-M for a while now and finally ordered one. To my surprise it extremely easy to install. Just a couple minutes and it was on and ready for action. I am absolutely thrilled with the product. It holds fantastically and is very comfortable while allowing […]

Justin L. – Virginia

Gotta say I was skeptical but after using this thing for a week I gotta say you all have nailed it. Simple, light weight, affordable and it simply works. That’s coming from a guy who has purchased crossbreed, alien gear, fobus and blackhawk. I’ll make sure all of my friends see your product.

UC Dect. – TX

FYI I worked undercover at a Task Force for 10 years and the Glock 27 with the Clipdraw was my primary undercover gun and the clip worked great!!!  No one ever observed my gun and on the several occasions I needed to access it  I was able to quickly.

Kyle B. – Illinois

I just want to say what a wonderful experience I have had with this company. I ordered a Clipdraw universal clip for my Taurus TCP and it works exactly as advertised. I’m actually surprise with how well the adhesive works. In fact the adhesive works so well that one day I had my TCP tucked […]

Ben – Janke Custom Arms Utah

I received my first order from you guys last Thurs, and right away I put one on a S&W Shield. I carried it all day everyday since Thurs, doing chores in the barn, working on the tractor, riding 4wheeler in the mountains, doing yard work, even cutting fallen trees and loading wood from the wind […]

Chris W. First Sergeant US Army Retired

As a retired US Army military policeman, I have carried concealed for many years with countless holsters in attempt to find the perfect set up. The Clipdraw has become my favorite way to carry concealed. I highly recommend this quality product to anyone that carries.

Deputy Sheriff D. Sampson – TX

“Deputy Sampson here returning a report for the Clipdraw. Clipdraw is an excellent product, it was put thru the paces, clipped inside the waist band while running , squatting , sitting, and rolling around it stayed in place. Clipped to the inside of the Velcro on the vest it rides well and eliminates bulk that […]

George H. – MA

This is the first time in my 11 years since retiring from law enforcement that I have felt this comfortable.  Thanks for such a great product, I know that my friends will like it when I show them how easy it is to attach to just about any weapon. My wife loves it too, her LC380 used to slip out […]

Mark M. – Madison, NC

I recently received the Clipdraw and minimalist holster for my Glock 30. I cannot be more pleased! It is rare when a product exceeds ones expectations. Y’alls did! Easy to install, works as advertised.

Dave G. – US Marine

Just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you about my experience with the clipdraw system. I received the clipdraw for my Glock 19, and immediately after putting it on and wearing it around the house I knew I was hooked. As a former Marine, I like stuff that is simple and just plain […]

SGT. SR – Las Vegas Metro PD

I have been using the Clipdraw system on my Taurus PT140 for 8-9 years now in both undercover and patrol assignments and simply love it.

W. Bushey Deputy Sheriff

I have used a Clipdraw on my Glock 26 for over 5 years. As a Deputy Sheriff in West Texas, I am required to be armed 24/7 and our policy is concealed carry off duty. The Clipdraw is the easiest, strongest and most comfortable option I have found. I wear the Clipdraw with everything from […]

Det. R Sanchez New Mexico CID

Thank you for your continuous support of Law Enforcement. Your product and customer service is exceptional. The clip draw has given me a sense of security knowing that my handgun will always be available while I carry off duty. I strongly recommend clip draw to other Law Enforcement Officers, and to my own family. Thank […]

L.B., Iowa

I recently ordered a Clipdraw from your company and received it in record time I wasted no time putting it on my Glock 30. I have been to the range several times and found no problems with the Clipdraw installed. It is secure and very well concealed. I am now retired but was a law […]

Bob M.

I put the Clipdraw on my Taurus PT-92, a full size 9mm pistol (34oz) + 17 rounds and it held great…then I removed it and put it on my carry gun, a Walther PPK/S .380 and it’s amazing. Living in south Florida seldom do I wear a windbreaker or a jacket and it conceals great […]

Brian, West Virginia

I purchased a universal #SA and #GL for a Glock. They are really nice. Great job. I ordered the #GL for my buddy, he really likes it too. We use them for CCW and they work great for that. I myself went and bought three holsters, I didn’t like any of them. We both like […]

Jon, Minnesota

I just wanted to commend you on your excellent product. I received my universal Clipdraw the other day, installed it on my Beretta Tomcat (my preferred concealed carry pistol) within a few minutes, and I couldn’t be happier. The little pistol now disappears under even a t-shirt, and it is much more comfortable, convenient, and […]


I’m an old narc who only recently got around to purchasing your product. More to the point, I was a young narc in the cocaine cowboy days. Back then, we all carried either 5 shot revolvers or 1911’s just stuck in our belts, no holsters. Even the best holster I’ve seen adds bulk. And, having […]

P.K., Police Officer, Wisconsin

The Clipdraw is so nice for CCW. It keeps my little Glock 27 perfectly inside a suit coat or winter jacket. I don’t like to mess around with holsters when carrying concealed. I find that some holsters actually make it easier for people to spot a weapon on you. The Clipdraw cures that. It’s beautiful! […]

M-1911 Pistols Home Page — Product Tests

Clipdraw is an ingenious idea. It is a very inexpensive device, which when attached to your M-1911 pistol, allows you to carry it Mexican-style (i.e. in your waistband, without a holster), safely and securely. As you probably already know, the “M-1911 Pistols Home Page” is sponsored by Skyline Technologies Inc., the makers of the original […]

Danny H., USN/RET, CCW Instructor, NC

I’ve been carrying handguns for over 30 years and have never used anything more comfortable or concealable than your Clipdraw. The Saf-T-Blok will help to sell a lot more Glocks. I’ve got friends who are a little leery of carrying a Glock with a chambered round. Thanks for these wonderful products. P.S. I wish one […]

David S.

First off I am impressed with speed of the order I placed for several of your Clipdraw products. Ordered the stuff on the 18th of March and it arrived today, the 22nd. In regards to whether or not the Universal Clipdraw will work on the Ruger SP101… I can say it will. I decided to […]

M.J.R., Georgia

OK I’m convinced. The Clipdraw #SA-B I ordered has been carrying my Springfield XD-40 just fine for the past month. The tape works great. Now I’m ordering another one for my wife’s Makarov 9×18. And by the way, a very comfortable carry without the bulk of a holster.

Sam P., Houston, TX

Well, you were right. I’ve been using the Universal Clipdraw every day for over a month. The bond to the slide had remained firm and secure. I’ll be buying a new Taurus Revolver soon and I plan to order a Universal Clipdraw for it as well.

Frank D., Pennsylvania

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I received the new Universal Clipdraws. I think they are fantastic. I have been a police officer for 22 years, the last 15 years for the PA State Attorney Generals Office, BUREAU OF NARCOTICS INVESTIGATIONS. I was assigned to our Special Operations Group (Tactical Unit) […]

John S.

At first when I saw your product, I was a bit skeptical. Now that I’ve tried it… I LOVE IT! So simple, yet better than the $200.00 worth of (now) unused holsters in the closet! The best CCW idea yet! Thanks for bringing this to market.

R.E., South Carolina

Like most law enforcement officers, I have a box full of contraptions and holsters for the various handguns I’ve carried throughout my career. It’s nice to know that your product works as promised ! ! Although I was skeptical as to how well the Clipdraw would hold my Glock 27, I decided to give it […]

J.P., Punta Gorda, FL

I have received both the Clipdraw and Saf-T-Blok and both are installed. The directions for both were accurate and concise and I had no trouble following them. I had a very minor stroke about a year and a half ago and while I have lost some dexterity in my right hand, I had no problems […]

T.T., North Carolina

I have been using my Clipdraw for a Glock 30 for several days now. My weapon is much more secure and concealed than with any other off duty holster that I have tried. It was a snap to install. Thanks much.

R.M., Sacramento, CA

I recently purchased a Universal Clipdraw #SA, and am very satisfied with it’s convenience and performance. As such I wish to purchase an additional #SA for use with a large frame semi-auto pistol. My check is enclosed. After 39 years on the job, many of them under cover, I usually scorned using a holster. I’ve […]


OK. You got me. When I saw your product line at your web-site, I searched it thoroughly in order to make sure I ordered the right “clip” for my Taurus model 85. After looking at all of the selections, the universal RV clip was the one. I gotta tell you though, I almost didn’t order […]

A recent article in GUNS Magazine by Roy Huntington July 1999 Issue

This is sorta’ one of those, “Damn, if that ain’t the darndest idea” things. I surely hate taking holsters on and off and this is one holster that stays on the gun. I got one for an 1911 series and one for a J-Frame Smith and Wesson and promptly installed them on my guns. I […]

Frank Latham, Chief of Police, Hewitt, TX

Dear Sir, I want to take this opportunity to let you know how very much I appreciated the “Clipdraw.” Having carried a .45 ACP Government Model, both Colt and others, for over a decade now both as a duty and off-duty handgun, the Clipdraw has been one of the finest developments I’ve ever come across. […]

I.T. Van Patten

I have been using your clip draw on my G30 for plain clothes (on duty) carry everyday all year and I have to say it is truly the best piece of “tactical” gear I have bought in a long time. Outstanding quality and reliability! Thank you so much!

Jeff T.

I ordered a clipdraw for my S&W M&P, and I am very impressed, so I am ordering another one for my Beretta 85. I was worried about the tape mount, but not anymore, super creation!!!!


I have ordered & installed the “Clipdraw” for my Glock 30SF & all I got to say is…thank you!…for a wonderful no-nonsense product! It does exactly what I want it to do; it conceals even under a t-shirt under any circumstances, is comfortable, and is secure! Well made too I may add. I love the […]


I just want to comment on the Clipdraw’s construction and versatility on my Glock model 27. I’ve had the clipdraw for over a month and have tried it both on the right side of the slide for side carry and on the left for behind the back carry. Both ways work great for the 27 […]


Hello! I recently purchased the universal kit and I’m thoroughly happy with your product. I am a police officer in a large upstate NY department… and other officers wanted to know where I got it. This is a great innovation, and fills a need for deep, secure and reliable carry for ANY weapon… including knives. […]

Matt, Kansas City, MO

I was a real skeptic when I heard of your clip draw product. My boss swore by it but I was reluctant to order one, but I did. This product is genius. It has been the best money spent in a long time. I like that you can set the clip to set as deep […]

Steve J.

I just got my clipdraw. After a few mistakes on my part (using 4 of the pieces of tape) i finally got it where i want it and it works great. It works better than any holster i have ever owned.When i get the chance im going to get one for each of my handguns […]

Dave S.

I recently purchased a Universal Clipdraw for my Taurus PT 140 PRO. I couldn’t be happier with your product. The lack of holster bulk is wonderful. I have put it through it’s paces and the pistol has not come undone yet. I carry in the small of my back and my Taurus PT 140 PRO […]

Jim M.

After reading other positive reviews on your website, I bought a Universal Clipdraw for my Taurus 38 Special and after visiting the range several times I’m happy to say it hasn’t disappointed me! Totally comfortable and works like a charm. Not to mention sturdy, secure, and very lightweight—I’ve worn it inside pants and belts and […]

Jimmy G., Flower Mound, TX

I was a typical concealed carry holder in search for a carry holster. After purchasing several high dollar holsters I found that they were just too bulky and not practical. Needless to say my wife was about to shoot me with my carry weapon. My brother-in-law suggested the ClipDraw. I did extensive research and decided […]

Thomas M.

Before I posted a testimonial I wanted to make sure the “clipdraw” really worked. I have seen so many testimonials that were utter “BS” I wanted to make that before I posted one, I had thoroughly tried the “clipdraw” in several configuration. I probably have at least 8 various concealment holsters, some I have custom […]

Nick B.

I was in a motorcycle crash where I was ejected from my bike and tumbled and slid over 100 ft on pavement. When I awoke from the concussion my Glock 23 was still inside my waistband! Amazing! The gun had some scrapes on the magazine bottom and handle, but slid down the Hwy on Clipdraw […]


Just bought a Clipdraw OM. I am a left-handed shooter and I have problems with IWB Holsters and my range of motion in my left wrist. I found that my best carry position was IWB MOB with the butt to the left. There is absolutely nothing in holsters that will work. I bought the Clipdraw […]

Rich H., Arizona

I live in Arizona and have been carrying concealed since the permits were available. I have always hated bulky holsters, especially in the summer heat. Decided to give Clipdraw a try and have to say I love it. It is mounted on my Ruger LCP and carried in a appendix position at 1 o’clock. This […]

Monty, Jefferson, GA

Bow season opens so early here in Georgia its always on my mind to carry my small .38 with snake shot. However, it has never been easy because of the holster on your side that always seem to snag everything. With my new Clipdraw, the pistol is concealed, and off of my belt to no […]


As a full time L/E officer since 1993, I have a closet full of old holsters that I tried using to carry off duty. Now those are collecting dust in a common box in the basement. Glock 23 clipdraw, Glock 36 clipdraw, Taurus Public Defender, clipdraw, S&W .380 clipdraw. All of your clipdraws work great […]

Jack J., Texas

I rarely do testimonials on products but felt I would in this case. I have been a satisfied Clipdraw customer for a long time. I depend on them daily. Never a failure. I recommend this product to all who appreciate a quality product at a great price. I recently experienced how very well Clipdraw supports […]

John M.

I researched your product on the Internet and viewed You Tube reviews. I was a bit worried that the butt of my Glock would shift, as was reported in one of the You Tube video’s. Well, that’s not the case. I wear the Clipdraw on a Glock 26 at the 2 o’clock position and it […]


I’m a retired Senior Principal Engineer and my 40+years in product development informs my opinion here. I am a BIG guy, 400+ pounds, and concealed carry is difficult. The added buld of a holster makes it nearly impossible, until the Clipdraw. “No holster” makes it the perfect product for a big guy like me. The […]

L. Davidson

Product & Customer Service Review: During busy holiday rush and terrible storms, I received the wrong Clipdraw Product. Notified company via email and got a response next day telling me the correct product was on the way. I received it, and as stated it was easy to install and works great. Would definitely recommend this […]

Dale C., Palm Bay, FL

I recently purchased a Clipdraw for my SD40VE. I have a OWB holster for it already, but I am not allowed to carry at work. I got the Clipdraw so I could have an alternative method for my firearm. I have seen many reviews on the internet and decided to make up my own mind. […]

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